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The world on the brink of destruction, the character, who with only his own strength, fights back against the Empire’s tyranny, which was rebuilt with a new sword. Along the winding journey, with a vast array of weapons and gear, you reach the final goal… the ultimate Elden Lord. From now until November 15, 2018, the special event ‘Limited-Time Non-Exclusive 10th Anniversary Character Buff’ will be applied to all the characters that have entered the game after the 4th Anniversary. Join our discord and discuss the event with the team: The server also has a chat room: The big summoner event is coming! Until June 5, 2019, we will be holding summoner events everyday between the hours of 15:00 – 23:00 server time. [NEW EVENT] Dye Ore [NEW EVENT] Summoner Event: “Maintenance” [NEW EVENT] Adventure of Eternal Memory Limited Time Event [NEW EVENT] End of Week Event [NEW EVENT] Co-Op Event [NEW EVENT] 10th Anniversary Non-Exclusive Character Buff [NEW EVENT] Summer Wonder Time Cooperation Event We would like to thank you for your constant support and hope you enjoy the event. Check the new event details for more information: Here are the rewards for this week’s summoner event: Maitreya: 2x EXP from defeating Dark Mistress Commander Shepard: 2x EXP from defeating Eternal Maiden Kodi: 2x EXP from defeating Eternal Maiden Chosen of the Gods: 1x EXP from defeating Eternal Maiden The number of medals you receive for clearing all three stages of the event is based on your total number of stages completed. 1st place: 5x EXP Medal 2nd place: 4x EXP Medal 3rd place: 3x EXP Medal 4th place:


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Get Your Own Quest in the Fantasy World of Middle Earth Building on the strength of its tale of new heroes, the game provides new scenarios in which to create quests.
  • Get Lost in a Fantastic, Magical World In addition to this world that takes place at the end of the war and the concept of monarchs, get lost in a strange fantasy world where monsters crawl in from a strange dimension and lively characters like Elf maidens, dwarves, and fairies appear.
  • Make Your Own Path Assuming the role of a Lord in a fantasy world, quest for the Elden Ring and fulfill its mysteries, and walk the lands between and make choices that will determine the course of history.
  • Conjure the Power of Heroes As you build your own character, the system controls the development of the characters in the game and allows you to conjure the powers of heroes, distinguished parties including Knights, Lords, and Chieftains.
  • Pick Your Favorite Character Customize the appearance of your character, equip weapons and armor, and develop a favorite character.
  • Customize the Appearance of Your Character Explore the Land Between, and customize the appearance of your character and equip weapons and armor.
  • Pick Your Favorite Class Perform class-specific powerful attacks using a variety of weapons.
  • Pick and Choose Your Favorite Spells Choose any spell from a variety of attribute-dependent spells, and combine multiple spells with one another.

    Game Play:

    • Sprint and Dash to Your Success! Sprint against monsters to escape danger and confirm your location. Dash away from monsters to move around quickly and get through dungeons in a flash.
    • Have the World at Your Fingertips The overworld, which lets you move around, access caves, talk to NPCs, and build a stronghold with a variety


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      These Games Gave Me Copious Amounts of Awesomeness. I found a number of games that managed to help calm my inner gamer after a very busy week (or month? or year? Hard to keep track since it’s been so busy), and I thought I’d share them with you. Besides that, I thought it’d be cool to share how they did it as well. Hello Games’ Fallen Knight was a game that managed to make me laugh, cry, scream and stare in wonder for hours at a time. It was the perfect combo of everything I like to play – challenging, emotional, and high energy. I fell in love with this game. I started off wanting to play the game, and I was disappointed when I couldn’t find it on the App Store. I was even more disappointed when I found out it was only available on other platforms. I really wanted to play the game, but I was not going to buy it and not have the option to play it on my Apple TV. But to make a very long story short, Hello Games surprised me with the release of “Dying Light”, an homage to what I would’ve wanted to see from Fallen Knight. I have been playing “Fallen Knight” on my Apple TV (I’m not on the Apple TV Game Console) for two days straight. The narrative is amazing, the graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is stellar. The sense of accomplishment you get when you’ve mastered a level and you have unlocked an awesome new toy is pretty much unmatched. This game made me feel like a kid again, in a good way. The game is also really beautiful to look at, which is always an added bonus. My personal favorite thing about the game, is that if you happen to fail something, a short ad will play at the beginning of the next level. As someone who is not the greatest at video games, this was a refreshing change for me to come across. If I die, the game wants me to keep playing, with a compliment to go with it. This way the game isn’t so harsh on me and I don’t need to feel so bad about myself. At the end of the day, it’s the thoughts and emotions that count. The moment you have something you created connect with someone, creates some sort of bond and you feel a sense of accomplishment. You can say that this game is the emotional equivalent of a bonfire or the adrenaline bff6bb2d33


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      By clicking download button above, you agree to install Active X control from microsoft.com, to allow the download of the game properly (activate Java/FlashPlayer if asked). If you want to cancel the download, and remove the control, click here to get a manual uninstaller. Active X Control required to download the game. If you don’t have it, please download it from the link below and install to your computer before downloading the game. Click here for older version of this Active X Control. In order to play the game, click on the below link and download the game files. Click on this link to download: After downloading the game, click on the.zip file that you downloaded. After that, extract the.zip file, open its folder, and copy the GameData folder to your computer. You might lose some of your progress if you don’t do this. In case you lost the folder, you can download it again and extract it from the archive file again. This process is necessary because some files in the game are shared. If you have a problem with extracting the archive, press Ctrl+F to search the file name. It is usually the same as the filename, but it is not a guarantee. If you can’t find the file, you can try decompressing the file. If you can’t read the language in the header of the archive file, you can try to use different languages as the default language of the extracted files. You can read the source codes of the game files if you want to know how the game works, but you will need certain knowledge of programming, which you might not have. Also, it is not necessary if you are just looking for how to play the game. Note: 1. – Download this game under the conditions specified above, because that is all I can do for you. 2. – There is a risk of the game running slow or not working at all. 3. – It has not been confirmed that all the contents will be translated. 4. – In case


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