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The amazing fantasy game that shook the gaming industry.

When Elder Durenda, the leader of the Elden Ring, sought to betray the lands between the fairies and the humans, the conflict between the two forces, the Elden and the Utherans, began.

This was a war between fate and choice, the power of the Elden Ring and the will of the people. It was a war in which the winner would rule the entire world.

But, of course, it was the humans and the fairies who were forced to fight against each other, it was the happy home of the Elden who was destroyed, and the land of the Elden ceased to exist.

More than two hundred years have passed since this war, and the Utheran army still rules, and the Elden who once protected the land have vanished into the unknown.

This time, a boy, who saw the despair and pain of the Elden people when they lost the Elden army, in order to protect his sister, who was kidnapped, joined the Elden army, and lived on the path of justice.

In addition, he also joined the Elden army because he believed that the land was beautiful and the people were interesting.

And so, the story of the Elden Ring, continued.


Elden Ring Game, the development team, is a global group of talented developers, who have collaborated in some of the most acclaimed games in the history of the game industry.

It is composed of several internationally renowned developers who have been living in Japan for a long time.

The Elden Ring Game is a subsidiary of Rockfish Inc., who were founded in Japan, and led by Mr. Kazuyuki Hayashida, the president of Rockfish Inc.


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Features Key:

  • Simple Operation
    This game is a beauty that does not require more than three taps to intuitively control.
  • Easy to Learn
    Enjoy seeing things in action with the simple display that does not interfere with the player’s gameplay. Learn new skills through the training dummy, and get through the tutorial by yourself.
  • Useable in the Next Generation
    A game that uses the next generation API that lets you use the game without a personal computer thanks to your smartphone or tablet.
  • User Generated Content Enabled
    Enhance your game by adding to the game world and challenge your friends through various tools.
  • Fun of Crafting
    Craft weapons and armor with materials and items you find in the world, or complete rare recipes that are a hit even with the hard-core player.
  • Meticulously Crafted
    Legendary weapons and hand-crafted armor. Even after downloading, you can enjoy a rich gaming experience with hundreds of thousands of customized online play elements.
    Weapon crafting is performed through the Crafting Gauge that can be obtained as a reward of battle, with the result of the success rate determined through the crafting item’s level.
  • Remote Play with Your Companion
    Transfer your friend’s game data from other platforms. In addition to being able to play with your companion, you can use the data to travel to other platforms and games even when you’re not in a companion app.
  • Elden Lord
    In addition to directly participating in the story, you can also become a powerful Elden Lord and enjoy your own story within the game world. Experience various exciting events through the Protagonist’s Bond System, as well as participate in the action, which is powered by Party, in real time, as you create your own story.
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