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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
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Venture forth alone or with your friends in a deep fantasy world.
A deep fantasy world where everything goes on and fights for you
In this fantasy world, you awaken as an adventurer capable of seeking adventure in it.

The game features the following elements.
• An Epic Fantasy Drama That Begins in the Lands Between
• Adventurer’s Experience of Fantasy World
• Unique Online Play System that Connects Players as Friends
• Massive Adventure through Fields and Dungeons with Three-Dimensional Environments


• Story
The name of the game is “The Elden Ring.”
In this game, you awaken as an adventurer, beginning a fantasy adventure story that begins in the Lands Between.
While the chronology of the story is unclear, you will lead an adventurer who is able to travel around on the World Map, where you can freely journey to any place in the Lands Between.

• Characters
You can create up to three characters, and you can freely combine weapons and armor.
• Feats
Feats are an additional ability that you can develop as you progress in the game. You can use a variety of magic and jump to great heights by using these feats.
• World Map and Items
You can freely explore various regions in the world map. You can enjoy the beauty of various places and take in the atmosphere of the fantasy world through the World Map.

• Campaign
You can freely take on quests or trade with other players in the Adventurer’s Channel.

1. Introduction to Game
2. Introduction to the World Map
3. Adventure Online
4. Introducing Characters
5. Pre-Purchase Bonus
6. The Battle of Elden in the Wild Lands
7. The Battle of Elden in the Desert
8. Battle of Elden in the Forest
9. The Battle of Elden in the Valley of Snow
10. Battle of Elden in the Land of Night
11. Battle of Elden in the Strange Land
12. Battle of Elden in the Land of Monsters
13. Battle of Elden in the Battlefield
14. Battle of Elden in the Wilds
15. Battle of Elden in the Snowy Mountains
16. Battle of Elden in the Black Mountains
17. Battle of Elden in the Unknown Lake
18. Battle of Elden in


Features Key:

  • Exciting new world with special skills that help you:
    • A Journey Made Smarter
    • Defense capabilities / Artificial Intelligence support
    • You can upgrade to stronger weapons
    • Great graphics and effects, including a jump scare-like scene and a beautiful time of day/night cycle
    • Online support from beginners to advanced users
  • Play music with the Logos (RPG contents)
  • What-o-graphic with the Bakatama (GM contents, tutorial, and descriptions)
  • Exploration with the Makiri (find hidden areas with a SAOSASO map and direct navigation)
  • Choose between online (PC Browser) and local play (offline LumaBox)
  • Creatures that die and monsters that are lured to an adventurer’s class
  • Intricate LumaBox expansions
  • Unlock your favorite weapons with special abilities (Like ACE, ACE-II)
  • Limited Ragnarok expansion
  • Mountable Legendary Horses
  • EXPERIENCE VISUAL DEPTH through the beautiful visual effects
  • An extensive quest map (important conversations / hidden items)
  • Catchy music complete with a skippable cutscene and effects
  • A voice recording for each event where you play.
  • Cutscenes and animations that will impress even a hardcore RPG fan
  • Realism and consistency to every menu interface and special phrase so you can communicate from the character’s perspective
  • Controls for: tilt/moving your mouse, etc.
  • Support for LumaBox and PC Browser (which allows you to connect to the online server)
  • PLATFORM: Windows PC

    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 or higher is recommended.
    (Windows 8 and higher are supported.
    If you experience connection errors,


    Elden Ring (Latest)

    “The New Fantasy Action RPG is still not out officially, however, we can start to predict the series’ overall direction. […] If the release date is set for around April, we have roughly two months to go until the game comes out. With that much time, we’re hoping the game will provide a lot of content and have a fun and perhaps unique single player experience. Also, it’s good that this game does not involve grinding, so we can’t wait to get our hands on it.”

    Chaosmos Games

    “I really cannot wait to get my hands on the New Fantasy Action RPG. […]

    With an abundance of content and enough areas for exploration, this is a game that does not feel as grindy as the other action RPGs out there. There are plenty of unique features such as a Summoning system, but the game does not seem to be very complex. […]

    Even with a huge amount of content, the game focuses on the story and characters. Like other games in the series, each and every character has a distinct story and a unique story path, making the game easy to get to know.

    Besides the Summoning system, there are also an exciting RPG elements to the New Fantasy Action RPG. For example, you can upgrade your weapon and armor, or combine magic items and unleash its full effect.”


    “The New Fantasy Action RPG is looking to beat at least half of those aspects. […]

    First, there’s multiplayer, which does not mean you can only play with fellow Path of Exile users. From what I played, it works by allowing you to create a party with up to four people, each person trying to move through the same map and fight monsters. […]

    The biggest new feature is the asynchronous online gameplay. Like Path of Exile, it allows players to keep track of each other’s movements and characters, but is basically completely asynchronous. […]

    Second, the character creation works smoothly. There’s a decent tutorial for guiding you through and numerous options on how you can customize your main character. […]

    The concept of the game may remain the same, but we’re really curious how the developers will be able to best implement it.”

    Fantasy Gaming

    “Because it has a similar concept to Path of Exile, the battle mechanics are pretty good and simply need to be


    Elden Ring Crack Free Download [32|64bit] 2022

    The engine used to create the atmosphere of the game is the popular game engine Spry, and the character and sound/music graphics are created using the game engine Spry, as well.
    * The world view you see in the game is a technical test, the environment is not properly implemented.
    * The graphics, videos, character, and sounds in the game are a technical test.
    * When we move by jumping and running in the game, we can not use the fact that you are wearing armor.
    Development staff ELDEN RING game:
    Elder-Dragon Inc. is a small company in the development of free-2-play games as “Lannat” (The Age of the Lan). The release of “Toreador” has been announced.
    This game is a free-2-play, 2D fantasy action game, online multiplayer RPG game. Players can enjoy it by connecting to a network or by downloading it.
    Discover the game through the official site or by downloading the game on select PC applications.

    5P Games announced today that the 5P Games team is developing a new 4X Strategy game called DomiNATION that is set to launch next year.

    Dominate Nation
    In DomiNATION, you take the role of a player nation to dominate other nations and rule over the world. The game play is similar to Civilization where you attempt to develop your nation by researching the various available technologies. You can build a variety of buildings such as factories, churches, farms, schools, and railways which will support your strategic development and war efforts. You will also be able to utilize your units to expand your land and intimidate other nations in order to dominate the world.
    We are now beginning a soft-launch on Steam called the Global Kickstarter that will be ending on January 1st, 2015.
    Support the DomiNATION Team

    Developer Interview
    The 5P team is currently in the process of producing the game and speaking with various game studios to look for a publisher. We are currently looking for a publisher who will be able to allow us to complete the game with quality and professionalism. We are also looking for a publisher who will allow us to create and produce quality character models that will be part of the game’s in-game world.
    A description of the game will be released at a later date.
    We have launched the 3D 3D editor open beta to get feedback regarding a potential partnership with a 3D gaming studio with


    What’s new in Elden Ring: 2020-02-15 2019-12-12

    [Character Menu]
    -Added a skill to max the damage of weapons at level 90.
    -A granter name for the [Perk] and [Enhancer] “Item Level” has been changed to “Perk or Enhance Item Level” in Character Information.

    [Chances through Rank Up]
    -Changed the order for [Chance for Level Up] to [Weapon Skill].
    -Added the ability to lower the level cap for characters in the town, town hall, guild, party, and guild share.
    -Increased the upper limit of character classes.
    -Changed the description of the Armor of the Legend of Heroes to the following: “The embodiment of infinite charm, the armor of the Legend of Heroes [Armor of the Legend]”.

    -Added the following Werewolf and Villain to the Monster Record on the hunting tab.
    -This expedition is organized for members of the Dark Wolf Tribe.
    -Decreased to 5 times the normal danger of the Werewolf that the other members of the tribe encounter.
    -The location where they hibernate is within 100 meters of the new monster.
    -Increased the paralyzing effect speed by 20%.
    -Added to the Monster Record on the hunting tab.

    -Added the Title ID card requirement to Renowned Philosopher and Arch-General.
    -Added the Gadget “Dagger” to the [Perk]“Unique Ability.”
    -Added the Title ID card requirement “Renowned Architect” to an Arch-Architect.
    -Added the [Perk] “Exceptional Armor” to Probationary War Hero and Cadet War Hero.
    -Added the Title ID card requirement “War Hero” to Action War Hero and Cadet War Hero.
    -Added the Title ID card requirement “Military Police Captain” to Military Police Captain.
    -Changed the description of several “Rare” items to not use the slang “Unique”, but instead “Rare”.

    -Removed the Entertainer’s appearances and the sale of items that are equipped by the Warrior’s [Perk].
    -Added the 2nd Rank [Perk


    Free Download Elden Ring [Win/Mac]

    Download this game from link below and copy it on an empty folder. Rename the game to your game name if you want, and then open the game with your windows. Play the game, and then go to install section and put your software download folder on it.

    Use the below commented line to transfer the files, also after the game installation you can go to the games sieze and delete some files to prepare for the game. Play the game and enjoy it. When you finish the game, run into the hooligan and type “anaxcap” on the chat, then you should get the download link, edit the line and past it in the box.

    Click “No Thanks” in the EULA when it asks you if you agree.

    When you type “anaxcap” or, if you already have a download link from the previous part, type “anaxcap /y” on the chat and send the link to the other player, the game will download the mods and you will both get the credits of each other. Play and have fun.


    Disable several things from the ingame options tab and then do the following from “Options” menu:


    Click “Cracks” from “Options” menu and select “Allow”.

    Then you will need to select your favorite crack from the list:


    Click “Locations” from “Options” menu and select “Enable”.

    Then you will need to go to the location you want to download the mod, for example, and then select the mod you want:

    “Find Online Mod”

    Then press “Start” and you will get the appropriate “Downloads” section for the mod:


    It is required that you have.NET 4.0 in order to run the game. You can check your operating system requirements with the link at the beginning of this page.


    You can also download the following mods and if you have any of them already, you can download all of them at once with my “Multi-Crack” mod:



    Algorithm is created by Algorithm, and helps you to have fun playing the game.
    No doubt it is a highly useful mod with all the features that you can activate.


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Connect To Internet
  • Navigate to CrackAndlaz.com/Biblioworx/Crack/Elden Ring*
  • Click on download option and select setup (exe)
  • If prompted with Authentication Key/Password, create an account from Cracked/Biblio files and select ok, after completing the process you will have access to Crack and Keygen
  • Upload game folder to a designated place.
  • Once done unzip the cracked folder and Run the setup of the game.
  • Ensure Patch option from the content menu.
  • Install the game and Play!
  • If prompted about purchase option, select cancel.
  • Do not update or install anything.
  • Enjoy game
  • i hope you find this guide helpful

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    Full Screenshots File ✉️


    Missions Details

    If you have not started the mission, please do so. You will not be able to continue the previous mission.

    Report Errors

    There are errors in game, please read carefully and Follow the instruction as shown

    Q. (quretrav is on my friend list what to do? q):

    – Open up the Start Tab
    – Press Menu once

    Q. (How to get link of my friend list):

    – Go to your Games Menu
    – Open Friends List and click on your friend who plays Arcane Age and its their profile not your profile -> It will get your friend link
    – Copy and Paste the link

    Q.(What do I do if I want to receive gifts):

    *If you are unable to



    System Requirements:

    Windows 7 or higher
    Intel dual-core i5, i3, or AMD dual-core processor with 2.6 Ghz or higher
    4 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
    4 GB or more of free hard drive space
    OS version: Windows 7 or higher
    Processor: Intel dual-core i5, i3, or AMD dual-core processor with 2.6 Ghz or higher
    Memory: 4 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
    Hard drive space: 4 GB or more



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