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The Tale of the Elden Ring began with a high school boy who had lost his memories. Encountering a mysterious girl in the lost city of Ardania, he was ultimately raised under the mind of an Elden Lord who imprisoned her in an unknown world. After millions of years of battles and bonding, he met with the shining spirit of the Lost City, who finally turned the tables on the Elden Lord. Stumbling upon a post-war Ardania, he met members of the different factions, and finally met his savior, the princess of Magic, who helped him realize his true purpose…

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Features Key:

  • The beginning as a maelstrom character, with a powerful guild friend.
  • Freedom of movement and a vast world to roam.
  • The variety of styles of play included in the game.
  • Creating a character which can develop in any direction desired.
  • The Dungeon Crafting tool.
  • An epic fantasy that highlights the character development.
  • Key Features:

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    The Elden Ring -Legend of The Dragoon, a fantasy action role-playing game for PlayStation 4 is now available.

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    Lost Folklore ~ Fairytale Side Story (Mac only)
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    Elden Ring Free Download

    How to play/Control:

    Joypad: Press left right and press A to run/walk/jump.

    Touch: Press left right and press B to run/walk/jump.


    ■Highlights of the Experience

    50 Ways to Enhance Your Character and Compete in Versus Battles

    Using these 50 different skills, you are able to maximally customize your character.

    ■Strengths of the PlayStation®3 System

    The portability of the PlayStation®3 system and the large display allows you to take on a new gaming experience. Experience this game on the big screen with friends by being connected to the PlayStation®3 via the PlayStation®Network.

    ■Practical Applications

    The PlayStation®3 system is a portable system and it supports touch screen operation and the PlayStation®Vita system so that you can experience a variety of games at your leisure.

    ■Online Services

    By playing along with your friends on the PlayStation®Network, you can enjoy hundreds of titles through services, such as the PlayStation®Store, Remote Play, trophy sharing, online storage space, or video chat.


    Various environments present the feeling of being caught in a vast land, and it is quite amazing to enjoy the astonishing graphics of the game.


    An audio that makes you feel the presence of a rich and dynamic scenery and the magic of the Great Sword will allow you to feel as if you are actually living the game, making you feel fully immersed into the world.



    A vast world presents a striking landscape in which you find yourself at the center.


    A mysterious, harmonious, and astonishing soundtrack beautifully accompanies the scenes of a vast open world.


    A myriad of characters make up the land of TaleWorlds. You can cast magic and battle with your friends.


    50 different skills with which you can customize and upgrade your character. You can freely switch between these skills. You can use items and magic that you have collected in the world. Enjoy the game in a complete state by walking around freely. Experience a huge open world that only the PlayStation®3 system can present.


    ■Enhancement and Use of Values





    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Want to be a Creator?

    As a first step, Tarnished is a closed beta available for ULCOSUPER members. To request an invitation for the closed beta, please refer to the official website.

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    The Great Enhancement System


    Implementing a great enhancement system will not only make your existing artillery in Magician’s Battle even better, but also prepare for a new feature –  Guilds.

    The RPG industry has been following the rapid market change in recent years and today’s CG story, especially in games, often resembles the form of a drama. In Tarnished, we aim to reinforce the dramatic aspect, giving a seamless transition to the RPG elements. To this end, Tarnished is packed with a wide variety of enhancement items. But for enhancement, you have to perform an action and wait for a response from the world.

    The items can be acquired from enhancing the level or equipment, or by searching out NPC characters or already-populated objects.

    For instance, we introduced the Catalyst system in the previous version, in which we acted on their structure by using devices to connect the world without differentiation for normal players.

    Once your resistance reaches a certain threshold you can obtain three kind of Catalyst.
    You can earn artifacts and enhance these by enhancing the structure. All the benefits of the core system, including bonuses and special effects, will be received!

    Don’t want to worry about details now?…

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    Introducing the Alchemist

    Adding the Alchemist to Tarnished will certainly add more action to your character.

    After collecting enough Catalyst, the character will be able to use this item to enhance the value of its weapon, armor, or other relevant accessories. With the full enhancement item equipped, the special abilities will be more effective.

    Thus, you can enhance your equipment and accessories


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    2.Extract to your game directory.
    3.Copy over the cracked game to your {My Games>Elder Scrolls V_Race for Dawn>Data} directory.
    4.Reload your steam cache and auto patch


    2.Extract to your game directory.
    3.Copy over the cracked game to your {My Games>Elder Scrolls V_Race for Dawn>Data} directory.
    4.Reload your steam cache and auto patch


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download “Elden Ring Free” and install it.
  • Run it with admin rights.
  • Select your Country and Language
  • Select “All” and click Ok
  • Select “Modify” and click “Apply
  • Select “OK”
  • Run the game and install the additional mods
  • Done
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