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Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG game developed by WAKEMEDI, which was released in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March 2016.



Create a character and connect with a party of friends and strangers.

Discover endless battlefields and dungeons from a new fantastic perspective.

Discover the story about the Lands Between from a new perspective.

Brave the dangerous lands beyond.

From the legendary hero for whom every hero plays.

■ Awaited in Japan -Published by Entergram-


◆ Release Date

March 31, 2016 (PS4)

◆ Platform


◆ Price



◆ Release Date

March 31, 2016 (Xbox One)

◆ Platform

Xbox One

◆ Price




1) Inside a character creation screen, choose your job and gender.
2) Choose a portrait.
3) For every class, select an equipment set.
4) Enjoy character creation!

■ Class Designs

Ahriman, Nargai, Baldr, Loki, Loth, Uther, Ilm, Ushurtos, Aelthyn, Garand, Hel, Galeah, Galah, Galm, Galnam, Enaldar, Elda, Edda, Enestos, Gera, Gerda, Gelor, Gene, Gera, Gerda, Gerda, Gen, Gering, Gera, Gerda, Gen, Gerda, Gerda, Gera, Gen, Gering, Gera, Gerda, Gerda, Gerda, Gerda, Gerda, Gera, Gen, Gering, Gera, Gerda, Gerda, Gen, Gerda, Gerda, Gera, Gen, Gering, Gera, Gerda, Ger


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Vast World, Full of Open Fields
    Various important enemies like Croc Knights and Gray Knights are always roaming an open world to cause trouble.
    Every time you travel to a new area, a new party will appear. Use your party’s skills in conjunction with new allies like Croc Knights and Gray Knights to challenge foes and make your dreams come true.

    • A Situation System that Engages and Evolves the Game
      Enemies are classified into groups according to their level, class, and attributes.
      As you defeat them, you’ll encounter monsters with higher levels, more powerful monsters that have certain attacks, or enemies with an increasingly higher status.
      Upon defeating enemies of the same level, your levels will increase, while on the other hand, an enemy of a higher level may have higher status and special attacks, or may be easier to defeat.

    • An All-new, Relationship-driven Multiplayer Experience
      By interacting with other users both in the game and in the online lobby, you’ll be able to participate in a multiplayer adventure!
      Share your experiences in the game with others by sending photos or text messages.
      Taking advantage of the new online element can also help you reach the rank of Elder Lord!*


      Forming your own party, you will start your journey. Rising up to the ranks of an Elden Lord, you will be able to wield the power that you attain in an unprecedented fantasy RPG game.
      Forming your own party, explore the lands between and fight with monsters of all kinds.
      Attack monsters with multiple weapons, equip magic, and craft items. In a world where no one can be defeated, join a party and together you will triumph in the end.

      1. FINAL FANTASY XI is an online game and requires a wireless Internet connection to play.
      2. This game does not fit your client’s display settings.
      3. The game can only run if the game client and game server are on the same network, and both are Windows XP based.

      Click here to read the Online tutorial.

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      LIFE is a new and fast-paced action RPG, where you need to survive through the darkness while being pursued by killer monsters.
      You’ll be able to buy and trade equipment and magic using the currency called “life”, which can be found in dungeons throughout the town. When you upgrade your equipment, your strength will increase and you can create a variety of useful magic that you can use in battle. Along with this, you can strengthen your muscles, increase your intelligence, and learn new skills.
      You have to decide the course of action for each character, creating your own unique personality and character.

      Updates on life:

      Aug 2, 2015, Version 1.1:

      1. Player’s are now able to take part in other players’ games. (Although only a few players are able to see other players’ games due to restrictions)
      2. New dungeon and wall decoration and event decorations added.
      3. Changed and improved animation and audio of characters’ movement.
      4. Changed skills and equipment of characters.
      5. New character theme in damage.
      6. Various small bug fixes.


      1. Turn-based battle system.
      2. Create your own character (limited to 6 slots).
      3. Damage and recovery system.
      4. Exploration dungeon in the style of Horizon.
      5. Easy to learn yet fun and exciting.
      6. Supports offline play for free.

      The updated version of Life RPG (

      In the aftermath of the great war, the power-hungry have begun to rule over the lands, and the bloodthirsty monsters roam the lands, killing their victims at random.

      Only the strong survive, and the strong remain strong.

      A civilization built on their backs has spread throughout the Lands Between, and the civilization that has taken power over the seven lands has begun to oppress the Land.

      This time, you must become the leader of the people, and


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      Actively and asynchronously play a role in the game by talking to and helping players in any way you can.

      Characters go through the story in the background, where you can meet various characters, make decisions, and ultimately become strong or get annihilated. When your character dies, that character will disappear and be replaced by another one.

      Depending on your role, you will play in different locations, interact with various characters, and manage your progress with meaningful actions.

      Optional, asynchronous play.

      You can play the game in a way that is completely different from how the official storyline is played.

      You can use your unique degree of freedom to interact with the character you have created while visiting and exploring various locations and meeting NPCs.

      With these aspects you can create your own genre of gameplay.

      Online Play.

      Travel and explore with other players.

      Use the ability to interact directly with other players, and take advantage of other players’ characters.

      With the asynchronous online element, you can feel the presence of other players and interact with them while playing the role of an NPC.

      Travel with Your Friends or Create a Party.

      It is possible to travel to the same place with friends and make a party, allowing you to join various situations together.

      While friends are traveling together, you will travel in different locations, join various situations together, and take the side of the party.

      In addition, you can choose to rest in camp sites and enjoy the peacefulness of nature.


      Action RPG with high tension!

      In order to sense the pace of the game, we have designed a fighting system that gives you a strong sense of satisfaction.

      While fighting for its life and trying to escape, the protagonist is under your fingertips. Only you, as you maintain control of your character, can decide its fate.

      Weapon Durability

      Weapons naturally break down after they are used. The durability factor affects this rate of degradation and will decrease over time. After reducing the weapon durability to zero, you can issue a weapon’s durability check to increase it up to a certain limit.

      The stronger your weapon, the longer it will take to destroy.

      By drawing a weapon and striking the opponent, the chance to cause critical hits will increase.

      By increasing the chance to cause critical hits, you will be


      What’s new in Elden Ring:



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