Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition Product Key [v 1.02 + DLC] For Windows 🤘🏿




-A Vast World with a Variety of Exciting Sidescrolling Battles
A world in which open field, ruined castle, and dungeon are seamlessly connected. Enjoy the scenery of a variety of locations to strengthen the sense of completion of your adventure.
-Well-designed Environments and Characters
The rough and strong feel of a stage that has been abandoned by the people, and the noble and dignified look of a stage that is the pride of its village. The details and the atmosphere flow as a single unit to create a dramatic scene.
-An Epic Story and Action Drama
A multi-layered story where the thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between. A story that never ends and changes dramatically as you play.
-An Action Drama with Mythological Elements
Explore a vast world full of dangers and threats as you defend your adventurer. Featuring a mythological world where the characters’ names are directly associated with the God-King.
-Orthodox RPG Play
An RPG that balances the difficulty with the depth of the story.
-Intelligent Battle System
An action based battle system that dynamically adapts to your actions to allow you to freely navigate the action.
-A Story Full of Drama and Emotions
An action drama where the characters’ actions are linked. An excellent story that you can only experience through an action game.


-In-app purchase are available to enhance game play and can be removed in the settings menu.


In-app purchases are disabled on devices running iOS 8 or lower. If you are experiencing issues, please update your device to iOS 8 or above.

(Language: English & Spanish)


I understand that protection of copyright is something that is very important to you. You have to be sure that the game does not operate in any way to damage the rights of those who created the game. I promise that any application that is found to be in violation of any copyright laws will be removed from the Google Play Store.


– A Vast World.

– Complete control over your character’s stats and abilities.

– A Unique Story to Interpret and Master.

– A seamless world in which open field, ruined


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Fast-paced battles combined with construction of intricate maps

  • Customize characters and systems in a free and open-ended manner

  • Cunning and playful combat system

  • Immerse yourself in this story of youth and eternal glory

  • Features Unique to Elden Ring (Features other games do not have):

    • A wide variety of character classes with intuitive crafting

    • A skill-based fighting system that utilizes a unique attack speed system

    • Classes can have different secondary skills and other affinity actions

    • Fight and Craft, not just craft and fight

    • The Areana feature offers unique, full-fledged lv. 99 party play

    • Multiple innovative systems (M2TM and Summoning, etc.)

    Special features unique to Elden Ring:

    • Character development system: Syndicate, Spirit System

      • Control what the character’s actions will be all the time.

      Adjust your character according to your play style.

    • Story Mode

      • Three “stories” of varying length and complexity, three arcs, or twelve stories.
        Each arc offers a degree of difficulty, as well as something entirely new if you manage to finish the arc.

    • Customization (Customization and items are not sold in the shop.)


      Elden Ring Crack +

      – /Edenruler
      Greetings~ this game is truly worth your time. While still a work in progress, it is already capable of some extremely memorable moments during travel and boss battles. The world feels alive, and the CGs are absolutely perfect. I played it for a few hours with two friends, and I could not stop laughing or screaming by turns – the game is truly unique and immensely fun.
      – /Koyo
      There’s a very good value of time here, and i’m ready to pay for this game when its ready! – /Nemo
      This game is very beautiful, it feels great to be there, and it’s one of the most touching game I played. There are no voice acting but the story is very interesting and easy to understand. Go and play it as soon as you can.


      – /LoveDeece
      This game is really good, and I can totally recommend it. However, considering the game is still in development, it is more of a recommendation now than a review, and there is no way to test it on a console yet. The world isn’t that open, but there’s already a pretty good amount of things to do. I wouldn’t describe it as a weak game, but it is just too early to say this.

      – /ArmoredX
      There is this great gameplay with great rewards, lots of stuff for the players to try and do, lots of locations and quests. The game has a good storyline, and there are lots of things to do – online or offline. It’s really an adventure game and it’s awesome. It’s a lot like an RPG.

      – /Ansari
      Very original game, the story is good and it has a nice gameplay. You can also discover the secrets of the game with the Atlas but you need to discover every single item first, because it’s a very big game.

      – /LZ0H
      This is a new game. It’s an action RPG with a lot of quests and character customization, also multiplayer battles and 3DCG. The 3DCG in the beginning are not that good but you can’t notice it because it’s mixed with some good music that give the game a good mood. When you can control your character you will feel it’s amazing.

      – /Asem
      Good feedback, very nice concept and implementation. A lot of variety and different things to do, and also a nice


      Elden Ring [2022]

      ► What is Magic

      Magic is a highly valuable and mystical power. Magic can be divided into three main types: Fire, the ability to raise things into the air; Water, the ability to calm things; and Darkness, the ability to represent death.

      Fire is an ability to raise things into the air. It is very powerful, and can be used to quickly seal the opponent’s spellcasting from a distance.

      Water is an ability to calm things. It can be used to influence the opponent’s behaviour at a distance. This ability is more suitable for countering and breaking spells or dispelling the opponent’s strongest offensive spell.

      Darkness is an ability to represent death. It can be used to promptly end the spellcasting of the opponent, or as a final attack.

      Fire Magic

      ► Fire Magic

      Fire magic is the ability to raise things into the air. It can be used to cancel the enemy’s spellcasting before he has had a chance to cast, and/or as a means to quickly take the opponent’s body away for further use. The most powerful fire magic is a straight attack.

      ► Fire Magic – Straight Attack

      During the preparation of the straight attack, you can choose one of the four combinations of fire magic. The straight attack that is most powerful will be activated first.

      ● Fire Magic – Straight Attack Combination

      • [Heaven / Heaven]

      Heaven is an ability to raise things into the air. It can be used to cancel the enemy’s spellcasting before he has had a chance to cast, and/or as a means to quickly take the opponent’s body away for further use.

      ● [Order / Strength / Despair]

      Strength is an ability to raise things into the air. It can be used to cancel the enemy’s spellcasting before he has had a chance to cast, and/or as a means to quickly take the opponent’s body away for further use.

      ● [Power / Wisdom / Voice]

      Wisdom is an ability to raise things into the air. It can be used to cancel the enemy’s spellcasting before he has had a chance to cast, and/or as a means to quickly take the


      What’s new:

      DEEP SLEEP2.

      Cities, Entertainment, Novels and Illustrations, Graphic Novels, Comics and Manga, Western game, Asian game, Racing and Combat games, RPG, Simulation and Strategy games, Music, Strategy games, Hobby games,

      Game: -Journey to the West: Legendary Azure Blade

      Game: -Journey to the West: Legendary Azure Blade

      Издательство: 免費予約

      Download 1.0 Автор: Kokon SHIOJI(錫重治)Добавлено: 3/8/2020, 15:12:36

      Game: -Journey to the West: Legendary Azure Blade

      BETWEEN THE YEAR 269 and 338 A.D., the monk Xuanzang was in search of the lost articles of the Buddhist sutra known as the “Jetavana sutra”. His travels took him all the way to the land of China and, in Buddhism’s development, it was the first time it had reached this far. Because of the vastness of the land, it was divided into eight administrative zones (equivalent to provinces) known as “The Eight Provinces”: Qin (錫), Ju (冑), Yan (隴), Bing (筳), Si (泗), Xu (徐), Xuan (玄), Qian (虔). (1)

      First released on July 24th 2013, the game is based on the mobile version of online game( by updating.The game allows you to enjoy MMO RPG battling with your friends via you phone.

      Once you’ve created your account, you can play the game by downloading the open source game engine from the wikipedia( or from github(


      Free Download Elden Ring Crack

      Download the crack file and install it on the game.

      Run the game and open the crack folder.

      Play ELDEN RING and enjoy.



      1) Start / Pause | 3) Menu | 9) Quicksave | Esc| Back | Shift | Space

      2) F1. ULTIMATE GRUNT BOSS. | F2. Explore to New World | F3. Different Items | F4. All Weapons | F5. Character Selection | F6. Day/Night and Weather | F7. Scout | F8. Rest | F9. Rate of Fire | F10. Clip Size | F11. Camera | F12. Gomti Tip | F13. Barbarian Sledge | F14. Hammer Sledge | F15. Short-Shaft Sledge | F16. Elephant Sledge | F17. Belt Sledge | F18. Belts and Bracers | F19. Blood | F20. Combo Block | F21. Shooting Star | F22. Timer | F23. On-Screen Tips | F24. Victory | F25. Select Map by Direction | F26. On-Screen Map | F27. Save Map Directory | F28. Diary | F29. EXPLORE map | F30. EXPLORE map | F31. EXPLORE map | F32. EXPLORE map | F33. EXPLORE map | F34. EXPLORE map | F35. EXPLORE map | F36. EXPLORE map | F37. EXPLORE map | F38. EXPLORE map | F39. EXPLORE map | F40. EXPLORE map | F41. EXPLORE map | F42. EXPLORE map | F43. EXPLORE map | F44. EXPLORE map | F45. EXPLORE map | F46. EXPLORE map | F47. EXPLORE map | F48. EXPLORE map | F49. EXPLORE map | F50. EXPLORE map | F51. EXPLORE map | F52. EXPLORE map | F53. EXPLORE map |


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Install the game and launch.
    • Open the folder where you extracted the game on drive C in My Documents and press Enter.
    • Create a patch if you do not find a crack in the directory “cracks-patch – IMPORTANT”.
    • Press Enter and press Apply.
    • Close the patch directory.
    • Copy the crack from the directory. Save it to your Stardrive.
    • Launch the game and enjoy.


    • CRACKED-1.4.24
    • Released: 06/18/2016

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    The Mother of All Battle has truly begun. The



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10/Windows 10 Pro
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU (2.7GHz or higher) / AMD Phenom
    Memory: 4GB
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti/AMD Radeon RX 480/i5/i7
    Disk Space: 10GB
    Additional Notes:
    The game is expected to run on computers with the specifications shown. AMD/Intel processors and NVIDIA/AMD/ATI/Nvidia graphics are required.


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