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The time of the Elden Ring and the Lands Between has come!

The time of the Elden Ring and the Lands Between has come! Experience the thrill of experiencing the fantasy in an RPG game with a brand new development engine – Unreal Engine.

Tarnished, a new hero on the Lands Between, has been guided by grace to wield the power of the Elden Ring. A vast world awaits him with countless challenges!

Explore the vast world with your party in online battles and find your own way.


Reboot to a new era of Stratagem Card Battle!

#1 game app (GREE, USA)

* Enjoy stunning graphics!

The New RPG action adventure game, Tarnished, was featured on the Google Play list of the top 30 best games in October 2018.

* Enjoy strategizing with a deck of cards!

Equip (or combine) various kinds of cards with various skills and begin to form a strong deck!

Save the cards you equip to your deck in order to strategize!

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Features Key:

  • Brandish The Power of the Elden Ring
  • A massive open world
  • A smooth combat system
  • New feelings of achievement
  • How long will I be able to play it?

    • You can continue to play for free after the automatic renewal period ends

    Will there be new features after the renewal period?

    • Yes, there are.

    Will there be new features after the renewal period?

    • Yes, there are.

    When is the renewal period?

    • July 1 (Fri.) 19:00 (JST)

    About the renewal period

    • The renewal period is a period in which Elden Ring – a Fantasy action RPG that has been launched by Nippon Inc. – is available after it is upgraded to the last round (Ver.2.0.1). The renewal period ends on the day it becomes unavailable.


    We are aware that the renewal period is due to launch, and we are trying to properly prepare for the seamless connectivity that is planned in the game. We are working on these preparations.


    We are aware that the renewal period is due to launch, and we are trying to properly prepare for the seamless connectivity that is planned in the game. We are working on these preparations.

    Tue, 26 Apr 2020 11:59:00 +0000


    Elden Ring Crack + [32|64bit] [Updated] 2022

    and his youtube videos:






    How to master your destiny

    A Tale Told in Scripts- The new fantasy action RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Cracked Version and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.


    Elden Ring Free [April-2022]

    *Drag on the screen to make your character move
    *You can enjoy a high-speed leveling by receiving experience and money through daily quest and explore new areas
    *You can participate in Raid battles, where a player attacks the enemies from the stronghold of a dungeon with several players
    *There are a variety of high-level items such as magic and equipment to help you perform high-level actions
    *Your character has skills to enhance your gameplay and increase your effective attack range

    Game History

    *On May 31st, 2014, a beta version of Tarnished Alliance was released.
    *In July, Tarnished Alliance was released.
    *After the launch of Tarnished Alliance, a large update was released on December 4th, 2014.

    The New Tarnished Alliance Map

    The game scale has become larger so that even players of the original Tarnished Alliance can enjoy the game. And because of that, the game scale has also increased.
    The time frame of the story has been increased and the graphics improved.

    What is Tarnished Alliance?

    A legendary city of great heroes has fallen. The leader of this city has emerged but has changed her true face. A small girl who has already given up on life has also been dragged along.
    Tarnished Alliance is the game of the play called Tarnished Alliance where players can freely create a new character, fly freely in the air, and enjoy the rich excitement of action role-playing.

    *Players who enjoy action role-playing games of deep role-playing, which are developed in the mists of myth or legends, will also like Tarnished Alliance.
    *Through Tarnished Alliance, a series of inquiries about this legendary city, which changes the lives of people, begins.

    ■ Import/Export function
    In Tarnished Alliance, once you play with the same character, you can change the information and skills of the character. You can carry the information, skills, and equipment of the character into another game.
    *There is no limit to the number of import/export characters.

    ■ The new Tarnished Alliance Map
    Tarnished Alliance is the first game where you can move freely between dungeons and the landscape. It also has a large map.
    The map is a map large enough for us to divide the stage into three terrains: plains, forest, and town. In addition, we have added the sea to create a


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    • Large AVI File – High-Quality Game Audio
    You can enjoy high-quality game audio by streaming the voice data from the cloud to PCs that don’t have VRAM. Simple streaming, no loss of quality.

    • Enjoy High-Quality Visual Animation with Depth Perception.
    As of the update to the “VR Searchlight” for the PlayStation VR (version 1.0), you can enjoy the following effects:

    • The world wraps around you.
    • Breathing and cardiac rates of enemies synchronize with actions that trigger attacks.

    By pushing the “A” button, you can use the following effects:

    • Triangle: Jump
    • Square: Steam
    • Circle: Throw a grenade

    By pressing the right controller stick, you can use the following effects:

    • Circle: Exclusively make a melee attack, dodge, jump, etc. By pressing the button to throw a grenade, you can set an action to immediately select it.
    • Cross: Melee attack 1st round and use 2nd round . You can swap them quickly.
    • X: Dodge, blocking, jump, and other actions that require input from both controllers simultaneously.
    • Y: Attack first round, confirm, or use at different times.

    Giuseppe Nelva March 4, 2019 7:53 PM EST

    Hi, I’m sure you’re aware, but this is not a Skyrim port. It’s a game for PC (with a Linux port to follow).

    BenedictJim March 4, 2019 10:57 AM EST

    Closing this as it’s obviously coming from a PSVita developer.Q:

    Newly added items missing from chrome’s interface

    Currently using magento 2 on a fresh install. After looking on line I saw there was a quick fix to change the date format from the default date format to use the


    Free Elden Ring Crack + For PC [Updated-2022]

    1. Extract the “ELDEN_RING_full_01.7z” file to a folder on your hard drive
    2. Create the folder named “Games” in the folder you extracted the files to.
    3. Double-click on the file named “game.exe” to start the installation.
    4. The installation will start, then continue to the next step.
    5. Select the folder you extracted the files to and hit Enter to accept the installation.
    6. If the setup starts, then click next to continue.
    7. Click on “Finish” to complete the installation.
    8. If an error pops up, then continue to read our instructions on how to solve the problem.
    9. Now the game is installed. Start the game and enjoy.

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

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    System Requirements:

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2
    Memory: 2GB (Windows XP/Vista users should consider 2GB of RAM recommended for high performance)
    Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card (256MB minimum)
    Hard Drive: 13.6GB available space (10GB preferred, 5GB recommended)
    Sound Card: Standard stereo audio device (optional but recommended)
    Internet connection (CDN servers recommended)



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