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The History of Legend and Romance

The Elden Ring Full Crack was founded more than a thousand years ago and began to exert its influence when it first conquered the Lands Between. The subsequent rise and fall of its power have been woven together into a fine tale.

The Tale of Tarnished

▶ Chapter 4 – Negligence Prologue has been added
■ New Story and Difficulty The number of fights increases for the higher difficulty levels
▶ Number of enemies in battle increases for the higher difficulty levels

▶ High difficulty levels

■ New Fantastic Monsters

■ New Battle Elements

■ New Story lines

■ Quality of Life Improvements

■ Numerous Other Improvements.


As the Tale of Legend and Romance unfolds, the dynamic and fast-paced soundtrack will enhance your gameplay experience.

▶ Game Composer: ONaoto
■ Navigation System

• A Tribute to the Music of the GALAXY


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Features Key:

  • An adventure in a game filled with exciting games
    Whether it’s a single-player game, tutorial-mode combat, or PvP action, BEYOND FANTASY builds up the freedom and excitement of a new-generation game with vast content.

  • An epic online game that brings you and your friends to life
    Visit various parts of the Lands Between that are full of events and exciting battles with other players.

  • A life full of mysterious stories
    Further the story through the diary of the hero who travels between worlds. The opening scenes of the legendary legend of the Elden Lords.

  • Control your hero’s combat style through classes, weapons, and spells
    The powerful hero that you’re about to become is based on your character’s creation.

  • Join a guild and be involved in guild events
    To engage in guild events with your guildmates, talk to them and cooperate to clear stages.

  • PvP battle that rethinks the traditional PvP system
    This is a life-or-death PvP battle in the Lands Between. Both the gatherer side and the harvest side fight their lives away over here.
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    The game features a complex story of great conflict. The world has changed, and an unknown force has emerged. As an adventurer and a member of the Order of the Guardians, it is your duty to investigate and collect clues to draw out the truth behind this mysterious evil.


    Adventuring in the Lands Between, you can freely explore a vast world from the background.
    ■Different types of fields exist in the Lands Between, some are beautifully designed and others are ravaged by raiders. ■Adventurers can freely walk on the fields. The game system allows you to freely move on the fields. The location of the fields and the direction that players can freely walk on the fields are indicated on the map. The map can be freely rotated.
    ■In addition to exploring on foot, you can obtain a mount from a stable and ride it. The stable features stations where your mount can be rested.
    ■In addition to enjoying simple roaming, you can participate in particular quests and operations while progressing through the story. Different kinds of operations appear every once in a while, such as the Raid of the Sun Temple.
    ■Characters that you encounter can affect your story and quests. If you succeed in revealing your true identity as an adventurer to the enemy and defeat them, you can receive a reward.
    ■You can make your own adventure while advancing in the story with friends or another adventurer.

    Players can freely create and develop a strong warrior, magic master, expert swordsman, or archer as they customize their appearance and equipment in addition to varying their play style by adjusting their physical strength and talent.
    ■You can utilize a wide range of equipment and weapons to develop your character and fight. We can say that weapons are so diverse that you can chose anything to fight with, whether it is simple weapons or rune.
    ■We also have the unique system of equipping multiple types of equipment to make your character shine.

    ■You can freely examine the variety of outfits and equip your characters with different equipment.
    ■※In the current version, you can freely equip a set of arms and armor.
    ■You can explore the game world while freely changing the direction and distance from your starting point.
    ■Players can freely explore the game world on horseback. If you encounter enemies while riding on horseback, you can use a shield to block the attack.
    ■While riding, you can utilize the


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    Core Features

    An Epic Story Shaped by Data
    The classic fantasy saga continued with a new protagonist.
    Classic characters:

    Even in times when the fantasy genre as a whole was in decline, fantasy stories have consistently drawn popularity. This can be attributed to the familiar world, young heroes, and entertaining stories of magic, monsters, and conflicts.

    In addition to characters that have been around for decades such as The Lord of the Rings or The Dragonlance Saga, we have been able to discover rich new characters, including those of the royal family of Tarn falls.

    At the same time, we have been able to resolve issues such as weak character design and a high level of difficulty in the numerous other RPG RPGs of the past, and the deepening of the story.

    A Multilayered Story Born from a Myth
    What is left unsaid in a novel was wrapped in a legend.
    The story that has yet to be told.

    In this game, we have taken the liberty of using the title “Lands Between” and have employed diverse and complex scripts. It not only enables new exciting content to be added, but it also allows the entire story to be portrayed from various perspectives.

    Recommended Players

    From The Lord of the Rings and Dragonlance to Knights of the Old Republic, you can now experience the story of a knight in a new world and adventure with other knights from a new era. It was also designed to accommodate the tastes of players who do not tend to enjoy the fantasy genre.

    A Vast World Full of Excitement
    It is a world with a unique feeling.

    The world of Tarn is a place in the real world where life evolves in countless forms of culture, large towns, and castles. It is a world that contains lots of fantastical elements such as magical steeds, dragons, and magic elements.

    Furthermore, the world of Tarn is also a world in which you can lead the way in numerous ways.

    You can enter large dungeons to battle the deepest depth of the dungeon, or view the beauty of huge open fields from high in the air.

    You can break through objects and connect to the surrounding world from other dimensions, or enter dungeons that reach the upper world.

    The world of Tarn is a world with a unique feeling.

    The game is continuously added with events such as monster events, which you can participate in to experience various different events, such as discovering


    What’s new:

    The game features a vast number of monsters, a variety of ways to obtain materials, and customization items on the expansive virtual world maps. Experience an epic adventure with your friends in tabletop style, a response system that is second to none, and an unprecedented sense of freedom.

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    Free Elden Ring Free Registration Code PC/Windows

    #Unzip the downloaded file#Rename to “ELDEN RING.EXE”#Move it to your applications folder (probably “C:\Program Files”)#Double-click ELDEN RING.exe to run it.#Enjoy the game!#PROTIP: If you already installed the game to your computer, you can launch it from the Windows Start Menu.

    How to Play ELDEN RING:

    The objective of the game is to progress through the Lands Between, meeting new allies and conquering a variety of dungeons.

    0) Personal Stats: Your stats are divided into four categories: Body, Magic, Dexterity, and Constitution. You can change stats by using your item and cards, which are as below:

    Physical Item Card Name: Strength Duration:Type

    Attacks, Bite: Strength

    Increases Attack Power by 5%,

    Reduces Attack Power Consistency by 5%

    Magic Item Card Name: Magic Duration:Type

    Bearskin Armor

    Increases Magic Attack Power by 5%,

    Reduces Magic Attack Consistency by 5%

    Dexterity Item Card Name: Dexterity Duration:Type

    Bash: Dexterity

    Increases Skill Power by 5%,

    Reduces Dexterity Consistency by 5%

    Constitution Item Card Name: Constitution Duration:Type

    Light Armor

    Increases Constitution by 10%

    There are three stats that you can change: Constitution, Magic Attack and Magic Attack Consistency.

    1) Battles: After a battle, you can return to the town or travel to the next town.

    2) Map: Move your cursor to change the view to “HELP”. You can check the map to find out where the next town is, or what dungeons you’re going to explore, or other useful information about the game.

    3) Chat: You can enter the town chat by clicking on the square button in the upper left corner of the map (This is a temporary symbol to show where the guild is located, and it disappears once you enter the town.)

    4) Item Shop: You can buy items and cards from the item shop by clicking on the square button in the upper left corner of the chat window.

    5) Guild: Guilds in the game that you visit can offer you useful items such as items and cards.

    6) Social: In the social menu, you can exchange


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