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The fantasy action RPG, for the touch devices.
A fantasy action RPG that seamlessly combines the elements of a strong storyline and enjoyable battle system.

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Features Key:

  • Tactical RPG:
    • New Action System (seal combat)
    • Development Skill Tree System
    • New Companion System with Customization Features
    • Cleaning System: Have your characters bathe in a river with an NPC filter and have a sanitized tank for hiring their washing facilities
    • New Crafting System (Homebrewing)
    • New Items (Equip and Disassemble)
    • Reserve System: Reserving Capacity of Items for Purchase
    • PvP System: Alliance War System
    • Command System
    • Fort System: Landing Locations
    • You Can Play More Than 1 Characters, Together

    IT WILL BE A NEW BEGINNING. A NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG GAME. Be reborn and prevail in a massive, freestanding world. 

    Content Introduction

    Elden Ring is an action RPG with tactical elements. It has been designed for extensive immersion and polish. It is the first action RPG game to feature sealing as a core gameplay element, and I have dedicated myself to designing an action game that will align with the ethos of the past action adventure games.

    The Elden Ring’s Design Philosophy

    As I worked on designing an action game with real-time battles, I came across a feeling that this didn’t have the right feel to it. I wanted to play an action game with a slower tempo, with beautiful shadows and bullets streaking through the air. I used media to give it that feeling of tension, like a Chinese picture book or a Japanese manga. I wanted to put a greater sense of exhilaration in the battle, to cast the player in a more powerful role. However, I found it difficult to search for the balance between euphoria and realism.

    The Character and Enemy Creation Features

    In order to balance realism and excitement, I aimed for lightweight, fun characters and funny enemies. However, I thought that the heavy machine guns used in early armored battle games (such as Doom and Team Fortress) were too unrealistic. I decided to use a new gun type, the seal combat gun.


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    The graphics is pretty good but some low-quality or unsuitable textures/pics.

    The gameplay is pretty good but some difficult to jump places.

    The survival is pretty good but you can level up you character faster than get to higher level, the weapons also don’t have that bad stats as the adventure.

    The fantasy world is pretty good, each character have different path so you can enjoy the story from other adventurers.

    Last but not least, the price (only US$29.99) is pretty expensive compared to the content of this game

    Overall: ★★★★

    Surprise! This is our last post on the JAPANESE New Fantasy Action RPG Receive by Rising Games, and today we take on the final chapter, Tears of Blood.

    SUMMARY: In this chapter, the protagonist feels the pain of losing his family and friends after being ambushed by the antagonist.

    Spoiler: Yui is rescued from the antagonists and she warns the protagonist that something is coming.

    Character Classes

    I’ve read through some of the reviews for the Japanese version of Tears of Blood and it seems that each player is supposed to choose from these classes:

    Jaeger Knight

    Agile and has a high range attack. A good character for use in those situations where you need to quickly strike and retreat.


    Cannot use a shield as a weapon. Low damage, but has high speed. A good character for use in combination with the other classes.


    Same as the Dragoon with the exception of being able to use a shield as a weapon. Has lower defenses but has a sword that can slice enemies into two. Has high attack, speed, and defense.


    Like the Dragoon with the exception of having a long range slash attack. Has the highest defense and is able to use a shield as a weapon. Has a wide area of effect slow attack.

    I imagine these class options are meant to be adjusted by the player, you can decide which characteristics you want your character to have and as long as you have the class associated with that character model, you can assign your stats to your classes.

    You know I’m mostly going to ignore the class choices because I’m sure everything is already known. Instead, I’ll share


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    The Lands Between, a world shrouded in fog. We stand with the people of Valmius, who have maintained peace and order in this place for many years. But the world is changing. And now the battle has begun. The miasma of the world has spread, and the whole of our world is cloaked in a magical fog. With our sacred virtue of the Elden Ring, we must defeat the miasma that is destroying this world and create a new hope for the future. The Elden Ring will be the guardian of the World of Valmius.


    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

    You will create your own character.

    A multilayered story that is told in fragments, with an epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect.


    8 weapon types

    A variety of 4 magic types

    An innovative action bar for quick and easy access to action features while on the battlefield


    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

    A powerful combat system that places you in the thick of things, and allows you to fight numerous enemies at the same time with ease.

    A battle system that was redesigned from the ground up, and provides for a more fluid, seamless, and accurate experience.

    A game that can be played for long hours because of its unique gameplay features, such as roaming and a multilayered story told in fragments.

    An innovative action bar for quick and easy access to action features while on the battlefield.

    A game that allows you to connect to other players during online battles, and enhance the immersive play experience.

    A story that is told in fragments with an epic drama.

    A multilayered story in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.


    In THE ELDEN RING, you can create your own character, and choose from eight weapons, four magic types, and a variety of combinations. The result is the perfect combination of great combat, customizability, and action.

    You can develop your character according to your play style.

    Enjoy the intensity of competitive online play


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Because of interconnections, you can develop your relationship with other players according to your play style. Tarnished Heroes also offers a traditional multiplayer experience.
    For more details about all of the game contents, please see the manual on our website (>

    Please do not hesitate to tell us your opinions by the messenger, or directly directly to the ‘Support’ section inside the game. We may reply to you personally.

    Thank you.

    Welcome to Kholat, a sprawling and elemental world filled with a variety of creatures.
    Become a fighter and face the dangers that come with the lands of Kholat. Step forth against the Dolath, a ruthless
    assassin race who specialize in the crippling use of the “Waraxe” elemental weapon.
    In the midst of the war, a band of adventurers are being targeted by the same Dolath group.
    Assemble your group and head into the vast lands, where the “Urine of the Dolath” spreads its
    undisputed power.
    We hope you enjoy your journey through Kholat, a tale of adventure and action with an emphasis on story and
    stunning visuals.

    The following are the game contents.
    Note that the game contents are subject to change.
    – Hierarchy World System
    – Kholat Battle System
    – Item Improvements
    – Story System
    – Dungeon System
    – Item System
    – Alliance System
    – Character Customization System
    – Clan Management System
    – Stationary Alliance Management
    – Survival System
    – Monster Element
    – Terraforming
    – System Construction
    – Archery
    – Musketry
    – Rend
    – Waraxe
    – Underworld
    – Gyrowing
    – Diavolon
    – The Pillars of The Heaven
    – The Masked Warrior
    – Dolath Spacestation
    – Guild Items
    – The Conqueror’s Alliance
    – The Behemoth Brothers
    – The Dark Channel
    – The Abyss
    – Blood Rain
    – The Queen of The Dolath
    – The Waterless Sea
    – Invasion of Dolath
    – Stone Giant
    – Dragon Cannon
    – Limping Giant
    – Guardian Giant
    – Elder Giant
    – King’s Gift
    – The Mountaintop Platform
    – The Lightning Gy


    Free Elden Ring

    1- Download the game and install it.

    2- Start the game

    3- You will be in the main menu after some minutes after the game boot

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    #bitmap mode

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Firstly, you must be a registered owner of the game.
  • Register as an owner is completed through your ISP and select a nickname.
  • Click on the button below to download the network file and the game will automatically begin the install.
  • After the installation is finished, press the key “ESC” to close the game.
  • Start the game by double clicking on the game icon, then a message will appear asking you to enter a nickname.
  • Enter a nickname and login nickname.
  • Finally, you have to select a user to play with, and click on the wireless button near the clock.
  • At the end of the process to enter a password.
  • After the login is successful, the game automatically begins.

    Upload file to your usb

    Play the game from the system setup

    Step 1: Turn ON the switch or the power button.

    Step 2: Select “System setup”.


    Step 3: Launch by select “Startup”.




    System Requirements:

    This server requires 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 operating system.
    The server is to be accessed via either a switch connected directly to the server or through a router./*!
    * jQuery UI Widget 1.11.4
    * Copyright jQuery Foundation and other contributors
    * Released under the MIT license.
    .ui-widget {


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