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Features Key:

  • Ancient Legends Series
  • An original and atypical fantasy action RPG that can be played anytime by anyone
  • An Eastern fantasy with western style graphics
  • An in-depth and challenging action RPG that allows you to obtain a sense of empowerment and cherish the world
  • A powerful character that you can customize to your liking
  • A vast world filled with various stages and amazing scenarios
  • Elden Ring Release FAQ:

    Q. Will previous users of Blade of Atlantis re purchase the game and if so, do I need to uninstall the game first?

    A. No, we have already developed how to transfer the save data from the past release to version 2, so if you have already purchased Blade of Atlantis, and delete it, the save data can easily be transferred by a profile transfer like PS Plus can be transferred. If the saved data is deleted, it will be non-functional, so please transfer the save files before the save data is deleted.

    Q. I don’t know how to connect to the server, help!

    A. If you do not know how to connect the server, please leave a message on our Support page. We will help you quickly!

    Q. I cannot connect to the server, what should I do?

    A. Please take a few minutes to update the game and turn on PS4 Networking. You can also check and turn on PS4 Remote Play if you have already done so. If you have met any issues connecting to the server after updating, please leave a message on our Support page to let us know.

    Q. Is the save data safe to transfer?

    A. Save data from the past release can easily be transferred by a profile transfer like PS Plus can be transferred. If the saved data is deleted, it will be non-functional, so please transfer the save files before the save data is deleted.

    Q. Is the server region locked?


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    An RPG that doesn’t reinvent the wheel

    Chad Welch May 19, 2019 9 / 10 A new RPG from Square Enix, although being set in the same world as Bravely Default, it promises an RPG that doesn’t reinvent the wheel. (UPDATED 12/27/18)

    Courier Games

    Innovation in the App Store

    Bill Braley May 17, 2019 7.8 / 10 The new version of the game started out as a really fun experience. Square Enix has really stepped their game up with the new story and, in a few areas, are really upping the game.


    A Story Worth Telling

    Andres May 03, 2019 8 / 10

    Innovation in the App Store

    Unlock new character classes

    Charles Oliver March 11, 2019 4 / 5

    I’m going to try to be as positive as I can be.



    5 / 5 The characters’ story arcs are all really interesting, and I hope they’ll be continued in future games.



    5 / 5 The story of the game is very interesting and contains a surprising twist at the end.



    5 / 5 The gameplay is really interesting and very fun. You will really be able to keep moving your character forward, trying to find the places he needs to go.



    5 / 5


    Great Graphics

    5 / 5 In some places, it’s possible to see some really interesting designs. Some locations are really impressive.




    0 / 5 The story is really bad. There are no good character arcs, and the plot twists are ridiculous and usually lead to nothing. The game has some interesting locations, but the vast majority of them are uninteresting and don’t have much effect on the gameplay.


    0 / 5 When you’re playing the game, you’ll be very limited, because it’s like there’s a wall in front of you. You can’t explore the world like you can in other games, and all of the locations are lifeless and boring.



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    The big story about the RPG has been updated and is now displayed for you.

    Curently in the Lands Between, an adventurer called Kasen Liethe, who appeared to have no connection with reality, goes to the Elden College. There, he meets a female adventurer named Maya. When the college is attacked by the monsters, it is revealed that Kasen is an Elden Lord reincarnated.

    On Maya’s side, she has a lively personality, and after spending her youth with no companion, she is filled with an excitement that is the same as a newly sprouted corn, like that of a young morning dew. One morning, Maya encounters Kasen for the first time in the Lands Between.

    Kasen and Maya are both separated by time.

    On Kasen’s side, he is born in the Holy City as the son of a knight. As he grows up, he strives to become a knight like his father and is constantly guided by his true love.


    In this game, Kasen Liethe is an NPC that returns.

    When you search for him, he will find you and is the main character in the story. The player and characters of other players will not meet.

    Nevertheless, in the world of the game, Kasen and the main character are separate, but in the world between the two, you will meet other adventurers and interact with them, and it is impossible to ignore the presence of Kasen Liethe.

    We did a great deal of adjustment to combine the two worlds, Kasen and main character into one story. This story has a 3-layer structure.

    Layer 1: Story about the main character

    The story about Maya, who is Kasen’s companion, and Kasen Liethe, who appears in the Lands Between, are about two characters who appear in the main scenario.

    Layer 2: Story about the Tarnished Kasen that appears in the Lands Between

    The story about the Tarnished Kasen that appears in the Lands Between is the story of the interaction between this Kasen and his companion (Maya) during the time between the two worlds.

    Layer 3: The story about the Kasen you meet in the world between

    The story that tells of the beginning of this Kasen appears from the world between. The story of this Kas


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Dive into a world void of law and order and feel free to experience pure and exhilarating RPG action!
    Enrolled as the Dark Warrior, you are tasked with suppressing Old Seven City’s insurrection and returning peace and justice back to the land.
    ◆ An Unprecedented Cutting-Edge Combat System
    Thrown into a completely new world, enjoy the fight in an RPG with countless ways of attacking, dodging, and using weapons. Shape up your various attacks and unleash your strategies using combos, and you’ll never be lonely in an intense fight again.
    ◆ Innovative and Intuitive Controls
    Get ready for the feeling of freedom you’ve been wishing for, with a special revamp of the right/left buttons. Now you’ll be able to swing your weapon quickly and see yourself taking advantage of the new controls!
    ◆ A Brave and Faithful Weapon-Building System
    While the game’s variety of weapons and armors, including scimitars, whatnots, and rifles, remains intact, the development staff put special attention into increasing the depth of weapons. So if you have the deep understanding of weapons, you’ll be able to play in a way that offers you the best experience possible.

    After becoming a dark hero, you will be assembling the army of the Dark Knight for your own grand plan!
    There is a dark kingdom, a nation in exile deep beneath the waves, with no rules other than power and greed. It is a place where greed-filled thieves have made free with the money, power, and influence of the nobility. It is a nation on which a hero such as you could not land.
    However, you’ll rise up as a dark hero and become a threat to the kingdom’s royal line. While you war in the grand capital, you will also run off with a few of your team to the lower gutter that is the below sea-level underworld. There, you’ll be pitched into a world of darkness, light, and shadows where you will be required to dig deep into your chest and find out just how dark you can be.
    • An Intricately Designed Story where Agony, Romance, and Gratitude, Brighten the Darkness
    In a war that was never declared, you spent your entire youth under the rule of an absolute monarchy. However, even before you reach adulthood, your dreams of glory vanish


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    Category: Reviews

    Modern Mister looks at romance in a variety of settings, from
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    authors in this collection often portray fairly conventional
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    Testament when Marlow takes his gun out of his coat,
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    common in the early twentieth century that it became a
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    you don’t have to take my word for it; here is an
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    fictional anthology Remember Yourself: The
    Rise of the Australian Hero:

    and Faunce eyed each other for a moment, and then
    Marlow nodded. Marlow always enjoyed an argument
    with someone, even if he could never tell who won.
    There was something in the nasty sense of Faunce
    that made him boil with anger, and his frustration
    would not let him give any quarter. The brute
    accused Marlow of everything, he knew it was
    impossible to win. Without gaining an inch, Faunce
    came out with another accusation.

    grabbed Marlow by the shoulders and shook him.
    “You damned rogue, if you set up a girl to be
    killed. I’ll see that you pay for it with your
    life. What do you want, eh? Hmph! You don’t
    care who’s responsible for the death. Why
    don’t you admit it? You did it!”

    was thrown off balance by Faunce’s
    intimations. He tried to imagine how far Faunce
    knew. But before he could think, another voice
    came, “Faunce. You have said enough. Let
    him go.”



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  • Tick on Select language
  • After you have ticked on it, Now you need to scroll down, and you can choose your language
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