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The Lands Between
A fantasy world where blood-thirsty creatures attack the player’s party on every occasion. Every day brings you the trials of killing monsters to obtain key items such as a Snubnose or a Scythe. Can you defeat monsters in a cruel world?

3. Magic
Your power has become great, a hero among heroes.
The power of the ancient beast, the Magic, resonates in the Lands Between.
• Select to Change the Magic
A system in which you can change the Magic used for your attacks.
• Evolved Alchemy
An attack method that converts the Magic in the Lands Between to Elements, allowing you to use them in combat.

*One Elden Point (EP) is 1,000 gold coins.

4. Customization
Customize your character’s appearance, skills and weapons.
A one-of-a-kind world in which you can freely combine weapons, armor and magic.
When your character is customized, it will change its appearance, appearance order, skills and the effect of the equipped weapon.

5. Mystery Adventure
Explore an increasingly large and complex world and uncover the truth about the Lost Goddess.
Open-world RPG genre RPG “The Lands Between” and the brand new adventure RPG “Elden Ring Game” are coming together.

6. Fairytale-like Action

“Fairytale-like action” is a charm that RPG fans can enjoy in “The Lands Between” to the full.

~Action RPG Game

You can select from different battle modes such as “Classical turn-based battle” or “Arena PvP battle” during battles. You can enjoy a wide range of battle tactics.

8. Unique PvP System
You can challenge players from the Lands Beyond. You can enjoy a variety of PvP modes with increasing levels of rules and buffs from light to fierce.
9. Online Elements
“The Lands Between” features rich online elements in which you can directly connect with other players.

10. Adventure Game
You can chat with other players and experience the joy of meeting with players in a fantasy game world.

1. Class Level and Class Set
A leveling system that you can use to increase your HP and skills using an advancement method.
A class that you can customize to your own fighting style. A system that allows you to freely combine weapons, armor and magic.

2. Life Skill System and Life Upgrades


Features Key:

  • 2D turn-based Action
  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
  • Create your Own Character
  • A variety of Physical Attacks and Magic
  • Many boss battles with unique AI
  • A deep story with a wide variety of characters
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    The Lord of the Elden Ring, a powerful wizard, fights against the mysterious Demons that continuously appear within the Lands Between.
    • FIGHT AGAINST Demons
    Fight against powerful Demon invaders with your magic skills and reactive attacks.
    • Experience Unity through Exploration
    Conquer and secure your own dominion by conquering and then defending the neighboring regions.

    The number of potential paths is too large to consider every single one, so please simply enjoy the game and have fun.
    ZANIMATION is an imaginary “world” that you can freely create.

    In the ZANIMATION world, you can freely enjoy a variety of content, including the following.
    Realistic World:
    – The sense of a fantasy world, like that of “Secret of Mana” or “Sword of Mana.”
    Tropical Islands:
    – Artificial islands that look like tropical islands. These islands can be as large as the entire map.
    Beautiful Sky:
    – Skies that look like the sky above the Lands Between.
    Nature-like Sky:
    – Skies that look like the sky above the Lands Between.
    – Vistas that look like the map from the game.
    – Backgrounds for the ZANIMATION world.
    – The game’s original music is available as wallpaper.
    – Further details will be released later.
    Virtue System
    • In the ZANIMATION world, you will gain EXP and Skill Points (SP) through the battles and exploration.
    • You can increase the EXP and SP gained through the battles and exploration, and you can increase your attributes.
    • When you’re in a situation where the EXP or SP cannot be obtained through battle and exploration, you may obtain this EXP or SP through interaction.
    • An RPG that protects users from danger when they’re without a weapon or having an abnormality.
    • An RPG that enhances the communication between users in the ZANIMATION world.
    To create a ZANIMATION world, we have used Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4, and the isostore system.
    The graphics and sound in the ZANIMATION world is produced by the Z-gaming team.
    You can experience adventure through the ZANIMATION world in a few minutes.
    The ZANIMATION world will be updated on a regular basis to reflect


    What’s new:




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    Along with an


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