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The Elden Ring Online has launched an initiative to provide free, accessible, open-ended content to the general public. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of an Elden Ring Online that all players can enjoy, we are presenting the game in the form of free updates. Moreover, while the game is in development, there will also be free updates including “hot fixes.” During this period we will provide free updates for the game as new content appears. While we would like to make the entire game free, we are not sure if all of the content will be free. Therefore, we are currently dividing the content into “Free” and “Subscription.” In Free Updates, you can enjoy the original content in the game without paying any cost. If the player wants to continue to enjoy additional content, in this case, the subscription service will be given to the player. When the time comes for subscription service, we will inform you in advance.
* The size of the world and content changes according to the number of players connected. During the free update period we will inform you of any service interruption due to the number of players.
* The size of the world, the number of adventurers, and the number of items are only estimates. They are calculated based on past experience, but they will differ in various situations. There may be cases where the size of the world is smaller than previously expected.
* The effectiveness of the success rate of monsters is set manually. In the event of a huge number of players connecting, you may not be able to enjoy the content. Please understand that this is a game for amusement and enjoyment, so we are providing it at a reasonable rate for the player.
* In the event of an emergency, we may close the service temporarily. We will inform you before the service is closed.
* The server will automatically start, so if the server has not yet been started, you will not be able to play.
* The game will be under maintenance for an approximately 10-20-minute period while we perform routine maintenance. (These times will be displayed in the clock icon on the game window.) We will notify you before the start and the end of maintenance.
* Due to the various conditions that occur during the game play, the game may temporarily disconnect you. In the event that this occurs, please contact us immediately.
– You will start the game by creating a custom character. Select “Android


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Interconnected Universe
    The Lands Between is connected to the world of “The Other” and once you enter, it is no longer possible to return. Online play is not recommended outside of the Lands Between.
  • Heroic Adventure
    Epic stories littered with action and drama that are often lost to history.
  • Dynamic, Playable Characters
    Online, your friends can change your actions. You can even expect actions from the other heroes.
  • Dynamic, Playable World
    A world that changes when you enter and leave, and even when you and your friends enter the world.
  • Play Through Different Worlds
    Quests for the main Story are divided into individual “Worlds”, and the World you enter determines the appearance of the Quest and mode of play.
  • Collect and Evolve Items
    Collect items to Evolve or acquire items to equip.
  • Dynamic Crafting and Burning
    Submerge yourself in the rich atmosphere of the Lands Between to enjoy the process of crafting and even the burning of items that you have collected.
  • Weapon, Armor, and Magic Items with rich Colors and Shapes
    Ensure your victory by acquiring a high level in your weapon, armor, and magic.
  • Three Classes of Weapons
    Equip great weapons that reflect your play style, such as medium weapons for quick action or large, heavy weapons for heavy strikes. You may even become a master of magic and wield powerful spells.
  • Elden Ring gameplay:

    Step 1: Play the Main Quest.

    The main story of the lands between will be told by wandering around dozens of areas. If you have the eyes of an adventurer, you can see that these locations have been generated anew through the power of the divine and will change every day, adding a sense of adventure.

    This is where you and your friend battle the many monsters and traps that await. It is said that the power of sacrifice and the height of your ability determine your fate, so be prepared to expand your knowledge and abilities to deligently explore.

    Step 2: Shift to Multiplayer

    In addition to joining your friends in the main story quest, you can also


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    A game the people who make games aim to create

    Sebastian Castaneda

    “The intricate details of an RPG are beautifully presented. The characters and their development are truly marvelous.”

    Erica Friedman

    “It’s easy to see a lot of hours have been put into this game to create a rich world, and the characters are all compellingly well-written.”

    Myra Lucash


    “RPG fans, this game is for you. If you’re looking for a refreshing take on an old fantasy trope, look no further.”

    Kyle Hilliard


    “This is one of those games you can easily play for 100 hours and never feel like you’re running out of things to do.”

    Steve Hebert

    “Because of its high quality and its ability to really keep you interested in its story (and at the same time, be pretty simple), it’s a game that will appeal to fantasy lovers in a way that many other RPGs will not.”

    Erin Kelley


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    PC Universe

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    ◆ Features ◆
    – A Vast World with an Enticing Fantasy Story
    – A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
    – Three main classes. Each class can be specialized, enabling you to change the combat style at any time.
    – Unique weapon and magic system. Equip the weapons and magic that you find while exploring or that you create yourself.
    – A main scenario for every dungeon, and hundreds of mini scenarios with their own twists.
    – Localized languages for Japanese, German, French and Italian versions.
    – An online multiplayer feature for both the adventure of a main scenario and a mini scenario. You can directly connect with other players and go on side missions together.
    – Battle of Whose Side is Better with Cooperative Play with Others
    – In the adventure of a main scenario, players can cooperate with others, or fight against them.
    – In a mini scenario, players can cooperate or fight with others.
    – The asynchronous online feature allows you to feel the presence of other players in a mini scenario.
    [Features in Development]
    – Game Engine Optimization
    – Experiences that improve the online feature of the game
    – More Battle Mechanics


    ◆ Characters ◆

    Angel (Player)
    Your character is an angel of light and compassion. You are the guardian of light.
    Armageddon (Player)
    This angel wields the power of the power of destruction with a feeling of all out rage.
    Catechista (Player)
    When a Catechista specializes in a certain martial art, it allows you to improve various skills and become a terrifying beast that destroys everything before you.
    Genius (Player)
    You can level up based on two pieces of equipment: strength, which determines your attack power, and magic, which determines your dexterity.
    Gran Adopt (Player)
    When Gran Adopt strikes, everything in the area becomes infected with darkness. In addition, it’s strength increases, and monsters that appear will be revived from the darkness.
    Lantern (Player)
    As the name implies, this class consumes and radiates light, making it hard to see.
    Lumen (Player)
    Lumen equips a longsword and a


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


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    Ryan Pope

    I hear the eponymous Dante has been dragged kicking and screaming into an afterlife dating sim. I take it as a sign that we’ll see him again soon.

    The Lord of the Rings

    At the Artfire Games Panel earlier this year we showed this stunning B&W game where you take control of a Ringsman warrior and travel with them through Middle-earth to fight alongside Frodo on his mission.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    • 8GB RAM
    • 120GB available space
    • 100Mb/s Internet connection
    • A capable, properly-sized Wi-Fi antenna
    • Good web browsing and video streaming experience
    Play the game on any device that meets or exceeds the above specs! If your computer doesn’t meet the requirements, the game will run on a lighter version of the game.
    What’s in the Box:
    • Original packaging
    • Instruction manual
    We have delivered the game on a Region


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