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Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD



Elden Ring is an action RPG inspired by the classic fantasy novels of J.R.R. Tolkien. All of the characters, monsters, dungeons, and items are inspired by the works of Tolkien, and the entire game is connected to a multilayered story that explores the Lands Between, the world of Arda, which is birthed out of the fantasy realm of Middle-earth.

The fate of both the living and the dead, or more specifically, of the ones who have not achieved the death rite known as the Art of Elden — “The Oath,” the source of all power in the Lands Between — lies in the Middle-earth that you create.

• The Oath: The source of all power in the Lands Between
The Oath, the source of all power of the Elden Ring. The Oath, in which the user expends ten years in a dungeon, is a period of fast-paced, all-consuming battles.
• Story: The fate of everyone who has not achieved the death rite: the oath
The story unfolds through the eyes of the characters of the Lands Between, who wander around the world by undertaking quests, and through that of the guests from Middle-earth, who drop in unannounced.
• Battle: A world filled with dangers
The battles and battles are brought to life in all three dimensions, and there are a variety of enemies with various weapons.

In this enormous world, the characters fall into a comfortable rhythm and ultimately come to love the vast world.

Elden Ring, the largest action RPG in the first half of 2018.

The beautiful world was born out of the TORII fantasy movie.

In addition to the main story, you can explore dungeons, and a vast world awaits you.

More exciting features were added.

◆ Brandish the Power of the Elden Ring◆
Elden Ring is an action RPG inspired by the classic fantasy novels of J.R.R. Tolkien.

The fate of both the living and the dead, or more specifically, of the ones who have not achieved the death rite known as the Art of Elden — “The Oath,” the source of all power in the Lands Between — lies in the Middle-earth that you create.

There are many different classes and combat styles for you to select from.



Features Key:

  • The Lands Between – An Epic Drama Which Intersects- Worldwide Snow Belt – The “Lands Between” is a fantastic land cut off by the steaming swamp of the Rift Canyon. The land is covered with snow, but can be easy walk. This place is the largest land that is above ground. It is truly a nation of winter.
  • Unparalleled Originality – Its Simulation RPG System that is Full of Unique Elements -The real world exists, but it is somewhat strange.
  • Lively Characters – A Myth that Will Earn Your Love – Assorted Equipment, Customization, Character Growth, and Customization are available as you play online!
  • The Ryvius Family – An Epic Dungeon Battle Full of Fate- Changing Equipment which Comes with a Character- An Item that can be used to modify the gear worn by another party member. A Family that gives life to the story of the Ryvius.
  • A New Fantasy Action RPG – A Great Action Role Playing Game – An action RPG with special effects!
  • Download the application and preparation:

    • Windows – MAC Download
    • Translator:

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    ○ “Deep story” and “Multiple paths”

    ▷ Action RPG in which you fight hordes of enemies with the rich setting of swords and magic
    ▷ Play in an astonishing world full of countless mysteries and challenges
    ▷ Customize your character in a variety of ways, such as attributes, combat skills, armor, and magic
    ▷ Challenging game that provides you with a high level of freedom
    ▷ Featuring the significant dramatic elements of the new fantasy epic
    ▷ Create an unlimited number of characters and play freely
    ▷ Fight together with other players in multiplayer mode
    The battle in the game takes place in one of the interconnected systems in the Lands Between. You are the lord of a castle on a hilltop. The monsters who invaded the Lands Between and destroyed the Old Kingdom have been defeated. There is no sign of threat in the lush fields, but a strange and unique enemy is approaching.
    ▷ Become the “Elden Lord” of the Lands Between in the “Elden Ring RPG”
    • Battle against an array of enemies with your powerful weapon
    • Take your places in the playing field according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior or mastering magic
    • Cast devastating spells and slay numerous enemies with magic
    • Change the fate of the game by changing the ending of the game
    ▷ Discover the richness and challenge of the new fantasy epic
    The game is based on a new fantasy epic where the lands between the Old Kingdom and the Ancient One are at risk of being engulfed in darkness. A tragic story that has passed down for years that draws up the memories of a group of heroes.
    ▷ Choose what you want to do in the game
    • Story: Become a famous hero, or a free and independent swordsman or mage
    • Creating your own map
    • Maps can be created with the game’s editor and map editor
    ▷ Massive number of skills
    ▷ Hundreds of skills to learn
    ▷ Become a powerful hero with a vast variety of skills
    You must develop your character’s body and skills as much as possible in order to open the gate to the story. The game features 60 skills.
    ▷ Important elements of the story
    • Unleash the power of the ancient Elden Ring by learning the runes
    • Familiar faces return in a whole new light
    • An epic fantasy drama where all the thoughts of


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    To the next adventure! Enjoy Tarnished!’s latest trailer and official blog post here:

    Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr for more information:

    Hello, all!

    We are back from a very long development break, and are once again happy to look under the hood and take a behind-the-scenes peek at the future of Tarnished.

    As always, we would like to express a huge amount of gratitude to the ATEATS series and the roleplaying community for their wonderful feedback, suggestions, and encouragement.

    In any case, since the end of the Summer Collection, and the moving on to join the League with the midyear update, the team has been on the road trying to get Tarnished as up-to-date as possible. As such, we first of all want to thank our community of subscribers for their patience as we work on the game.

    We’re also grateful for all the support we receive on the social media (Twitter, Facebook, and G+) and in the COMMUNITY GROUP, receiving plenty of maintenance and bugfix requests all at once.

    So, what’s next?

    Tarnished has recently undergone a thorough “alpha” test cycle! After what we’ve learned from those tests, we’re also making some improvements and additions to the meta-system.

    We are happy to share that TAKE CONTROL SINCE THEY COME (the name of our current class system) is now complete! We’re still stabilizing the system a bit and polishing the last few details, but for


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    How to play ELDEN RING game:

    • Controls:
    /C:Change File
    • You can exit the tutorial with
    • U:Undo
    . [R and A are your only options for launching the tutorial.
    • You can exit the tutorial with ESC and F4.
    • You can go back with the Spacebar or Left/Right.
    • You can go forward with the Spacebar or Left/Right.
    • You can go to the main menu with the R key.
    • By default, you can play in the portrait mode on the PS4 and the landscape
    mode on the Xbox One.
    • You can press Q on the PS4 and E on the Xbox One to switch to the
    portrait mode.
    • You can go to specific pages by pressing the ↑ or ↓ button.
    • You can access all the available and completed pages by pressing B.
    • To access the pages you have unlocked, navigate to the specific page by
    pressing ↑ or ↓.
    • To move left/right, press the respective arrow key.
    • To move down/up, press the D-pad.
    • You can collect gear by pressing the X button.
    • You can use items by opening their menu with the Y button.
    • You can select items by clicking the respective item icon.
    • You can equip items by pressing the B button


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Extract (Install) “Elden Ring”
  • Use Simple, FastPacks or FPC for installation(Optional – For Crack + Activation)
  • Install & Enjoy
  • About

    Created by a French studio named “Stamina Games,” the Elden Ring is a fantasy Action RPG created in 2013. You can immerse yourself in a parallel world where the divine rule of the Elden Ring is established. The Lands Between where you step into is the place of a grand adventure to discover, fight for, and beset enemy with graceful grace. The world has many kingdoms that have set up their rule as the Elden Lords, and the Elden Ring is the core of the Holy Demon Army in the Lands Between. It is the place to immerse yourself into the beautiful and lively fantasy world created with bright fantasy elements. Now it is ready for a journey. Rise and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord.


    • A vast world full of excitement and challenge
    • A vivid fantasy world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected
    • Developing your character according to your play style to increase your chance of success
    • An epic drama based on fragments of the story that takes place in the Lands Between
    • A nightmarish world with incomprehensible situations and endless challenges
    • A unique online element that allows you to feel the presence of others


    Supported os: Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/2000/Me/2003

    Minimum ram: 2 GB (or more)

    CPU: 1.2 GB

    Graphics card: 512 MB


    • A digital manual and in-game tutorial video
    • “Config.xml” file to easily adjust the content size and resolution
    • “Rounds.ini” file to adjust the rounds
    • “x86.txt”


    System Requirements:

    Intel Pentium 4 Processor 3.0 Ghz or better
    Windows 7 Home Premium or higher
    3 GHz Memory
    2 GB of Hard Drive space
    DirectX 9.0c compatible Video Card
    Intel GMA X3100 graphics card or ATI X800 or better
    This is a mod which is created to make weapons look as good as possible.
    It will add realistic skin tones to the weapons, which will also change the colors and lighting of the weapon when you reload.
    This mod will replace the


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