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For the past two and a half years, we have been working on a new fantasy action RPG. In this title, the focus has been on providing both a sandbox-style environment and interesting online features that connect you to the rest of the world.

The game features a vast world where new locations keep appearing, and the battle system and story are described in detail in a new story campaign. If you like MMORPGs, and also like fantasy action RPGs, then this game is for you!

■ Release Date

The game is scheduled to be released on May 25, 2016.
■ Strategy

This game takes the RPG genre in a different direction.

The game contains a very open world, and a vast number of stages are scattered all over the world.

In addition, you can freely combine and upgrade weapons, armor, and magic that you equip, making for a unique combat experience.

■ Action

The action RPG genre is known for its unique feeling of involvement and combat between your character and the enemies.

This title focuses on strong dungeon-exploring action, where you have to quickly run and battle your way through a dungeon, and then return to the entrance to defeat all the enemies once again!

■ Free Play

You can freely explore the world and play at your own pace. There are no time limits, and you can go back to where you left off.

The game feature numerous high-quality items that you can use to improve your character.

In addition, the theme of the story can be changed at any time to any role, so you can become a cool silver-haired lady of a strong warrior or a lady of the night.

If you like action RPGs, then this game is for you!

■ Features

– A Vast World

A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

– Customize Your Own Character

You can freely customize the look of your character with varied degrees of freedom, such as changing the style of your clothing and your hair color.

You can also freely combine weapons, armor, and magic that you equip, making for a unique combat experience.

– Create a New Heroine

In addition to main character customization, there are four heroine characters to play as.

You can freely choose a new character and play a story that you like.


Features Key:

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  • Best Customer Service
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  • Instant Delivery
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    Elden Ring Crack Activator Free Download


    Hey guys, I’ll be testing and releasing my healing systems, in this video I’ll be talking about my favourite one, and will be showing, previewing and highlighting some of the issues and the changes I’ve made to it, hope you enjoy
    3DS Controller Support

    Hello and welcome to the Eden Ring, a game that was made for folks just like yourself, who want to be the best. In the shadow of a powerful villain and with the blessing of a powerful wizard, you rise to become an Elden Lord. All the while learning as much as you can about the complex and hidden world around you.
    Check out my Patreon page:
    Thanks for watching guys, I’ll see you all on the next video!
    Eden Ring Wiki:

    Eden Ring YouTube Channel:


    Eden Ring Twitch:


    Hey guys, I’ll be testing and releasing my healing systems, in this video I’ll be talking about my favourite one, and will be showing, previewing and highlighting some of the issues and the changes I’ve made to it, hope you enjoy
    3DS Controller Support

    Hey guys, I’ll be testing and releasing my healing systems, in this video I’ll be talking about my favourite one, and will be showing, previewing and highlighting some of the issues and the changes I’ve made to it, hope you enjoy
    3DS Controller Support

    In this game, you will find yourself raised from the dead through a web of lies and deceit to fight a war. To awaken your powers and transform into a creature of legend, you must summon the voices of your ancestors. Battle through a world of myth and danger. Reclaim your birthright and your legacy. Fight back the darkness and the forces of chaos within


    Elden Ring [Mac/Win] Latest

    [Latest Update]

    Completed the re-beta of the online game!

    (As of May 23rd)

    12.63 MB

    In the online game, you can enter Dungeons while moving freely, strike enemies with abilities, and magic by using the action bar, and smash your enemies when enemies land on you.
    The action bar can be customized using the button at the top right of the screen.
    If you hit enemies while moving, their patterns of movement will change, increasing the frequency of attacks.
    Learn your enemies, and smash them!

    During online play, you can directly battle other players.
    By creating a party of up to 4 players, you can assign the most appropriate party members to each battle, and attack enemies together.
    Tailor your team to your play style, and power up your team members using equipment.

    The online game is the same as the one in the Beta test, but there are some functions exclusive to the online game.

    The online game also includes a scenario that has never been in the game before, with a unique story and characters.

    1. Your Party’s EXP.

    Your party members’ EXP is displayed in the party screen. By advancing the game, you can increase the EXP of certain party members by various methods.

    On the battle map, each party member’s percentage will be displayed during the battle.
    By attacking enemies, you will recover some of the percentage of your party members.
    In battle, each party member’s skill will also be displayed. By pressing the “Ability” button, you can select a party member’s skills to increase the power of the team.

    2. The Settings Menu

    The Settings Menu appears as a button on the bottom left of the game screen. By pressing it, the Settings Menu will appear.

    In the Settings Menu, you can adjust the following settings:

    ◆Map Settings
    ◆Story Settings
    ◆Graphics Settings

    Online Game Settings

    Online Expiration:

    You can adjust the time you want to stay in an online game. This time is called the online period.

    ▷Online period per day (minutes): It is the amount of time you have to stay in an online game per day.
    ▷Online period per 24 hours: It is the amount of time you have to stay in an online game


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    I’m not sure what it is..but this game feels really nostalgic when it plays like it does in the old NES days..the reason I picked it up, is because I remembered how much I miss those old days.. and while I didn’t really expect much from it, it has been consistently amazing gameplay wise from start to finish. I found myself looking forward to playing this every day, regardless of work and other things..and as soon as I finish the game, I will go looking for more osu! games, then I will come back for more osu! games for a little while too (even though I pretty much have a majority of their catalogue).

    If you are looking for a nice mid-budget, RPG (Dungeon Crawler), then I highly recommend Ooze, guys. It’s a great game, with really great music too. And it doesn’t discriminate against Windows or Mac.
    How to Summon a Thunder Dragon:
    1. Type “o” which is box > go!

    With the release of Voidcaller, Voidcaller, Voidcaller, today, we re-launch our 20 song “Midsummer” FULL-ON R&B music series entitled Overflow. It is now 6 DLCs with an intro by iRANOIDZ. Voidcaller, Voidcaller, Voidcaller is the second Dimebag Darrell inspired album. You can expect to hear those songs live.
    1. Bursting with soul, this song is a mix between R&B and jazz. Here you can hear a variety of vocal riffs, from hip-hop to jazz.
    2. We also added a string section in order to give this song a touch of jazz.
    3. Dark atmosphere, lots of synths and guitar effects.
    4. We also added an oriental element to the beat.
    5. Here is the intro by iRANOIDZ, singing over a drumroll and guiding the listener. Mixing popular genres and bringing a variety of sound…

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    Free Download Elden Ring Crack For PC

    Most of the time posting in English.I live near the Málaga area (Granada).

    I’m always in contact with other users to make the best to the community and upload content.

    Hello and welcome to the forum. To avoid problems with your application/upload/download of ELDEN RING game, follow these steps.

    How to install ELDEN RING PC game:

    -If you want the crack version: You need to download the server crack to a folder from the link below.

    -1) First copy the crack to a folder, if you don’t know how to do that you can click this link to download the server crack file.

    -2) The server crack file is a self extracting application so you need to “Extract” it.

    NOTE: If you want to know how to extract files please click here to check it out.

    -3) If you’ve copied the crack into a folder you can double click on the file to extract the crack.

    -4) If you’ve correctly extracted the crack you will see a folder named Open this folder and run the file named “server.exe”

    -5) Once the file is running you need to change a couple of settings like this:

    -“Elden Ring” is the name of your server. Name it as the name of your own server. In my case I named my server “OnlineS”.

    -IP: The IP where you want to play the game. In my case I chose which is the IP of my router. Change it to the IP where you want to play the game.

    -Port: In my case I chose 8000 because it’s the default port for games like SMITE.

    -Play online: When you install the game it automatically creates your user and server with a bogus name. Change the password to something easy to remember. Now you’re ready to start your server.

    -Before you can play on your server you need to connect to it. To do that start the game, go to the settings, then select “Solo” play.

    NOTE: In the upper-right corner of the screen you should see a square with a “play” symbol. Click it and select “connect”.


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download ”” from our links
  • Run the.exe file
  • Copy ”et5c90004e.exe” from your DATA folder into the game installed directory.
  • Start the game (maximized)
  • Enable Additional Plug-ins at Startup
  • Click ”cfg2d7c628.pak” from your DATA folder.
  • Click the ”elden_ring_engine_v2d7c628.pak” from your DATA folder.
  • Click the ”elden_ring_base_v2d7c628.pak” from your DATA folder.
  • Restart your game
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