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About an Elven Lord, Tarnished
Tarnished, the elf lord of the woods of Elrond, has always longed for a mysterious place he encountered as a child. To fulfill the wish of his late father, he sets out to find the Elden Ring Full Crack, a magical object that can enter a dream world, and gather its precious power.
Initially, you can freely choose your character’s appearance and equipment, take on powerful NPC enemies, enjoy the excitement of exploratory quests, and deepen your understanding of the game’s story through assorted events and conversations.

Online Play
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– For the most accurate service, we recommend you uninstall the previous version of the game and install the latest version.
– Please have your Facebook account set as the default account to log in. If you have already registered as an account of the game, please sign in using that account.
– For the convenience of the English localization of the game, the option for switching languages will not be available after the authentication. Please confirm your language and location at the time of registration, and then you can freely switch the language.
– For the convenience of the English localization of the game, for the account creation for a Facebook account, and for the authentication, the English version of Facebook can be used. If Facebook is not installed, please download and install the Facebook Messenger Lite.
– If you have already registered as an account of the game, please check the registered email address to confirm your account.
– If you have not yet registered as an account of the game, please register through a Facebook account.

● Online Play

– [Play] In order to enjoy the online play, the following are needed:
– A Facebook account is required for online play.
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– Please confirm


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Choose from a variety of powerful weapons, armor, spells, and acrobatics, as well as the aforementioned customizability of the base items.
  • 8 Character Classes each with its own abilities
  • Raw Power and Elemental Power.
  • Mechanical Bases with great mobility and abiltiy to equip items for use with mechanical bases and item storage rooms.
  • Interactive Item Features which are active all the time, and whose usage is not rendered as an action, such as removing damaging negative status effects. Using these features is also possible by equipping items.
  • Characters with their own Skill Points share experience according to level difference which is gained by individual levels received.
  • Completely original characters with distinctive playing styles that develop according to your progression.
  • High level character evolvement that enables a boost to stats and bonuses are given to the levels you reach.
  • Gameplay that is both exciting and accessible, evident by thousands of reviews and ratings on Steam from players who have enjoyed it to this day.
  • Live multiplayer that is easy to use, with many local, and international servers and friends.
  • Real Time Play that continuously updates your status.
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    – You can customize the character from a variety of weapons, armor, and magic.
    – You can directly connect with other players and travel together.
    – Various challenging dungeons to explore.
    – An interesting interwoven story.
    – Dynamic and speedy battles through diverse situations.
    – A newly realized soundtrack.

    – There are no fees for the game service.
    – There are no limitations for the number of connection times and the number of days you can use the service.
    – You can freely switch between the service and chat functions.
    – During online play, network conditions may cause pause and stutter during play.
    – It is necessary to provide a method to download the game from the internet. This is for our protection and to manage the number of accounts the player uses.
    – You can switch from the ARK service to a personal app, such as WhatsApp, to receive a call or notification, or to select different chat applications such as Telegram, etc.
    – You can perform actions in some ARK services, such as using a personal chat application (WhatsApp, Telegram, KakaoTalk, Line, Nimb, etc.), but you cannot perform actions in other ARK services, such as regular voice chat or making in-game purchases.
    – For the ARK service, if an error occurs during the process of downloading the game, please immediately report the error to the relevant service provider.
    – In the case of abnormal conditions or serious issues with ARK services, please use the support function of each service.

    – Download the game on your personal computer.
    – Make sure that there is enough space on the computer’s hard drive.
    – Select the country of purchase from the region menu.
    – Choose the install method and then restart the computer.

    This game may be rented under the following conditions.
    – The number of times it can be played and the number of days it can be used.

    You can choose from a variety of payment methods by inputting the “[RIGHTS MANAGEMENT CODE]” under the title screen.
    You can use a temporary membership card as long as it is with you and continue to use it at a different computer or for different guests at the same computer.
    When you connect to ARK services, please make sure you have a signed PIAG.


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  • What Do You Know About The Elder Edda?

    Why not try and make yourself familiar with it before heading into this overhaul. It really is a great, mean, role playing game, and if you ever find yourself needing to hone your skills with fiction again, it’s a great entry-level game.

    What is the Title Developed By?

    Elden Ring is created by Distant Sea, developed by Alligator Game Studio in Poland and published in Germany by QP Games.

    What is the Genre of the Game?

    This is an RPG that is set as a turn based combat, with techniques, attacks, skill use, and physical fights. You can create your own character as you wish by mixing and matching armor, weapons, and magic.

    What Special Features Can You Expect to discover In this Elden Ring Game?

    The story is set


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit only), 8, 10 (32-bit only)
    Processor: 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 or later
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Hard Disk: 1 GB free space
    Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9.0c compatible
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Additional Notes:
    The game is designed to use a mouse and keyboard. However, you may alternatively use the PlayStation2 Analog controller for backwards compatibility reasons. It is recommended that the keyboard