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It is a fantasy action RPG where you and the Gods become one and create the fate of the world. You are in the Lands Between, an area where the Gods maintain order in this world that is nothing more than a kind of purgatory for those who have been cast into the Gods’ realm. Is the world in need of redemption? In that case, only by the Gods can the world be redeemed.
Take on the role of one of these Gods who form the Lands Between, including Akasya, Ashenzari, Braxus, and Gilgamesh. And your character can do this by serving as a knight, a priest, a mage, or a hero.
Everything about the game is designed for you to develop your characters. Your world is yours, and it is up to you to decide your character’s fate in the Lands Between.

Compatible Devices: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

*App features:

Online Play: Real Time Multiplayer.
*Online Play supported: One to One with Friends
*Online Play supported: Three-Player PVP.
*Online Play supported: PvP Missions.
(one free mission per character at a time)
*Online Play supported: PvP Dropships.
(6 hours free duration per character, each dropship contains 6 missions)
*Online Play supported: Question & Answer.
*Unlocked content by purchasing DLC.

1. Best RPG World: A Huge World that offers a completely new experience
2. Best RPG Battle Experience: High-Quality graphics and a variety of tactical features
3. Best RPG Crafting/Equipment System: A high-quality crafting system that lets you customize your gear
4. Best RPG Character Development: Easy and detailed character development system
5. Best RPG Graphics: A large variety of item concepts and high-quality graphics
6. Best RPG Music: High quality music.
7. Best RPG Sound Effects: Feel the impact of weapons and magic with quality sounds.
8. Best RPG Item & Magic: High quality item and magic combinations
9. Best RPG User Interface: A well-designed user interface that feels more enjoyable
10. Best RPG Search and Storage: High-quality search and storage for equipment and items.
11. Best RPG Recruitment for PvE: Maps with a variety of conditions, so you can recruit different heroes with different needs.
12. Best RPG Weapon: Plenty of types of weapons


Features Key:

  • World: 5 Worlds containing 4 planets, 90 locations and a giant dungeon.
  • Class System: Classes that give you different abilities and skills, as well as prepared skills and a character’s drive.
  • Spiritual System: Coordination between your class and spiritual attributes and your development of Warrior Spirit.
  • Real Time Tactical Battles: Move and fight in real time using both action RPG and tactical elements.
  • Action-Style Turn Based Battles: Carry out decisive battles using action RPG elements.
  • Create Your Own Tactics and Bosses: Deploy customized traps and investigate enemy monsters to fight both bosses and low-level monsters.
  • Supplementing Character Growth with Archetypes: You can freely attach archetypes to your character, varying from skills to the Power, Knowledge, Warrior Spirit and Health attributes.
  • Elden Ring Online Campaign: Adventure the Lands Between with other characters.
  • Further Features:

    • Intense Org Qualification: Augment your strengths through unique methods.
    • Open-world Exploration: Explore the vast and mysterious Lands Between.
    • Experience
      • Quick Battles (Instant Hit Battle)
      • Active Battles
      • Evanescent Battles
      • Special Battles
      • Sudden Attacks
      • High-speed Elimination Battles
      • Monsters and Traps
      • Formation Attacks
      • Graphic Battle Background
      • Record Battle Records
      • Guardian System
      • Customize your Battles (Effects, Damage, Coup, Experience
      • Active Abilities and Special Abilities
      • Combine Stylish Equipment with Concept
      • High Quality Character Creation
      • Powerful Active Abilities
      • Unique Equipment
    • Lively Web Campaign: Whether it be weapon damage, monster attacks, or a combination of both, you will experience a variety of smoothly executed results.
    • Larger Critical
    • Exciting Scene
    • Soundtrack
    • Divine Advice
    • Account Manager
    • Friends
  • Create Your Own Story and Characters: You are free to have your own story and


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    In this review, GrimSoul89

    I am glad I get this game. I have been wanting this game for a long time.
    It is nice to play a game in a more classic style.
    There are some elements to this game that are very fun and what a game needs.
    Everything is connected to the other. Every type of thing that you own has a purpose to it.
    It is a fun game to play.

    Game A store from different aspects from magicians, magic, equipment, equipment,, etc.
    • Become a High-status Magician through Adventure and Battle
    In the first chapter, you will encounter the evil Demon King. The game begins as you are transported to your hometown. There is a dungeon (DM) where you can learn the basics of spell casting and skills. Then, you set out on a quest to defeat the Demon King and the ultimate goal is the enchanting. When you clear the dungeon, you receive a Magic Weapon, so you can use magic to fight the demons.
    You can follow the story of the characters of the world and the characters of the story through pictures, click, and other various types of elements.

    • Customize Your Equipment and Battle Style
    You can customize your equipment through a variety of equipment changing dungeons that you clear and many other things. You can also select your equipment and weaponry for battle.

    • Combat is a Game Within a Game
    This is a combat game. You are not suppose to fight against the enemy right away. When you finish a task, you must wait for a certain amount of time. You can see your character’s status and HP in its appearance. When you are HP goes down, the character becomes wounded.
    You can select your unique character among the different classes of the system.

    • All Things Are Connected to the Other
    In the world, you can travel to other areas connected in the story line. You can talk to any of the characters of the story, and they will have various responses to you. For example, if you talk to a certain character, they may say they are worried. They will explain things to you to ease your mind. The game does its best to express the story within the world.

    • What a Game Needs
    Online mode is fun to play, the interesting and challenging system is also fun to play. The world is fun to travel to. The game has many things to do. It is fun to play both if you


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    Character creation

    ▲ Create your character

    Fantasy RPG world :

    World map

    ▲ Each dungeon is rich with character

    Additional game informationQ:

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    of Horrors Online2017-03-17T02:01:59Z of Darkness: Hexen II Review
    of Darkness2017-03-16T02:08:23ZCommunityReview5% Heroic long awaited sequel of the beloved pen and paper RPG will be arriving at an extremely expanded version with over 60 characters to choose from as well as a large group of new monsters, revised levels, new cinematics, huge environments and more!

    A newer and more involved story as well as massive features like highly customizable characters, a vast open-world, new races and new fortresses will be available. Old fans will be happy to know the game is more accessible with a new user interface.

    Things of note:

    A new bi-weekly study session content.
    New environment design. Improved character creators.
    Completely different system for attributes including a new “Endurance” part which functions as a major buff to endurance skills.
    Bring back classics through the new “Revival” feature. Return to the old base with characters from the previous version of the game.
    Less grind with character progression.
    Revised classes and new careers to allow for


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