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◎ Chat
The Chat feature allows players to communicate with others through simple messages on the screen. You can also send messages through the notification function.
◎ The Picture-in-Picture and Notification Function
You can adjust and display the front and rear cameras at the same time during online battles by using the Picture-in-Picture function. The notification function lets you know which of your comrades are joining a specific battle.

◎ Sound
Play your favorite music or other background music while chatting through the in-game music function. You can also change the sound effects for online messages.
◎ Social Media Function
You can use the Social Media function to directly share your joy about playing the game to others. Just register your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account, and you can connect to all your social media accounts.


The Lands Between is a world in which humanity inhabits and connects to others while existing in isolation. In this world, those who do not develop the ability to use magic create the illusion of reality by using AI technology. However, magic has become bloated with technology, and people have become alienated from each other, causing the large-scale fracturing of the human race into small groups.

The protagonist, who has been awakened in one of these groups, ventures toward the Lands Beyond in order to restore the magic that is missing in the Illusionary World. In doing so, he journeys to the real Elden Ring, and by leading the effort to change the continent’s circumstances, he will help restore the magic, and ultimately, restore the Lands Between to its former majesty.


Elden Ring Game is an action role playing game where you can create your own character and develop it through a story and the game world.

Depending on your play style, the character development will be different. Choose from a variety of play styles and characters, and you will find different customization elements in addition to that.

Elden Ring has a unique online play where you can connect with others to fight against enemies at the same time.

The action role playing game is presented with vivid graphics and a high-quality soundtrack.


Namco BANDAI Games America Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Trance Staff This two-handed weapon allows you to impose immense control over magical energy. By pressing the Ace button, Trance Staff will unleash its spell "Divine Awakening", which attaches a barrier to an enemy. It’s recommended to first play as a ranged weapon class and gradually increase the level of control as you progress.
  • Support Staff This one-handed weapon allows you to release greater magical energy while ensuring that you can quickly correct your movements by using a shield or to easily carry out a number of attacks. All of your basic skills can be learned with Support Staff. For more powerful attacks you can equip the staff with a chain of six magic, or even a single technique, which will increase the amount of magic available for use in battle.
  • Battle Axe This one-handed weapon allows you to easily deal with hordes of enemies. When dealing with multiple enemies, you can force them to break ranks and leave your way open by using it. You can break through the defense of specialized enemies using the Battle Axe. It’s recommended to increase the skill of the attack that the Battle Axe deals as you increase the number of shots, and use the Battle Axe for blasting away at enemies when necessary.
  • Elden Ring is currently available on PC in Japan with English subtitles. An expansion that will add new content to the game is planned to be released later this year and in 2020 for North America and Europe. For more information, please visit .