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The fantasy action role-playing game “Elden Ring” is an RPG created by LEVEL-5 Inc., a developer and publisher for the Wii U platform. Originally developed and operated by NIS America Inc., the game is now licensed to and published by LEVEL-5 Inc. and developed by Spike Chunsoft Co. Ltd., and is published by NIS America Inc. (USA), Victor Entertainment Inc. (Canada) and DayDream international Inc. (Japan). The game was released for Nintendo Switch on February 9, 2019 in North America and Europe.


Elden Ring is a registered trademark or tradename of LEVEL-5 Inc.

©2019 LEVEL-5 Inc. All rights reserved.

©2019 Spike Chunsoft Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.

©2010–2019 DAYDREAM international, Inc. All rights reserved.

©2008–2019 NIS America, Inc. All rights reserved.

©2016–2020 NIS America, Inc. All rights reserved.

©2016 Victor Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

©2015—NIS America Inc. All rights reserved.

©2015—SPACE☆SHOCK 2nd Mix Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

©2014—NIS America Inc. All rights reserved.

©2014—VICTOR Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

©2013—NIS America Inc. All rights reserved.

©2011—NIS America Inc. All rights reserved.

©2011—SPACE☆SHOCK 2nd Mix Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

©2008—NIS America Inc. All rights reserved.

For details about the game, or in case of any other questions and inquiries, please contact:


Level-5 and Spike Chunsoft release a summer 2018 video update:

Elden Ring is coming to Wii U

What’s the difference between Link, Anna, and Calibretto?

Links connect with other players to form a party.

Anna and Calibretto are the items used to bond with other players, as well as to level up and learn new skills.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • CLASSES – Fight as an initiator, an active controller, or an enthusiast as you take on other player’s enemies.
  • GENUINE RPG ACTION – Transform into claws, feet, fists, magic, or weapons based on your character class. Put your body to work!
  • FLEXIBLE – Customize your character’s appearance, weapon, and armor. Simple drag ‘n’ drop. There are no limits on your imagination!
  • EXPANSIVE WORLD – Explore a vast world comprised of numerous levels with open fields and huge dungeons.
  • SHINY ARTPETS – Discover and choose from a wealth of immersive art. Encounter the visual effects of special tools in battle.
  • INCREDIBLE ART – More than 15 artworks featuring enchanting visuals.
  • MULTIPLAYER — Fight as you travel between the online and offline worlds.
  • REMOTE MULTIPLAYER — Battle your friends with the help of a PlayStation 4 Remote Play connection.
  • REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER — A new online element allowing you to feel the presence of other players!
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    Elden Ring [March-2022]


    ■ Graphics

    The new visual style for Elden Ring provides you with a beautiful game world to explore.

    Using a new technique to make the best use of CG in a 2D world, the game world is composed of very high quality 3D models, 2D images that seamlessly fuse with the 3D world, and CG.

    The remarkably detailed and expressive graphics with a dynamic atmosphere provide an exciting, exhilarating game experience.

    And thanks to this, when you use the mouse to move, the camera moves smoothly by walking over the terrain, and when the camera moves to view your surroundings, the world around you is zoomed in.

    ■ Boss Battles

    Boss Battles require intense strategy to overcome the difficulty of the enemy. Fight overwhelming bosses and bosses with high defense and a variety of attacks.

    Even though the graphics are detailed, the background will not get in the way of the fight. You can concentrate on the battle with no distraction.

    ■ The Intense Combat System

    Each weapon has their own unique move set, and it is important to think about your offensive and defensive capabilities.

    With a specialization in attack, you will not be able to overcome all the enemy’s counter-attacks with just one weapon.

    When you find yourself in a tight spot, use the Ultramodes and the special attacks of a weapon to deal damage.

    ■ The Time Attacks

    Time Attacks have three different variations.

    One is the continuous time attack, which is an attack with no time limit.

    Another is the time attack with a critical hit.

    The third is the time attack with a wait time.

    By attacking an enemy with a critical hit, you can lead an enemy to faint and give you the opportunity to attack.

    ■ A Multiplying, Interactive Universe


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Free Download Elden Ring Registration Code PC/Windows

    1-Unzip the file
    2-Extract the game to the directory.exe
    3-Run the game
    4-You will see a short installation process.
    5-After completing the installation process you will have installed the game.
    6-Now you can launch the game without any problems.

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Paid Install
  • File Installer
  • Replace or Install.
  • Search for game.exe. Also search with the name i.e. “Eden Ring”
  • Run as Administrator on that point
  • Run Game
  • Enjoy
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