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viewPager is not callable when use fragment

I wrote a viewpager activity and fragment that have a search function (when I press a button, a list of things I have to search or a list of things I have to search, each have an own “item view).
The problem is that when i press the button, a method called on the fragment (the search method) is call, but when the listview is redrawn, viewPager() is NULL.
This is my code:
“view” is my viewpager (when I press a button, the fragment called SearchFragment is called):
FragmentTransaction transaction = getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction();
transaction.replace(, new SearchFragment());
transaction.commit(); (the SearchView has an onClickListener)
public void onClick(View v) {
Log.d(“TAG”, “search called”);

I read that my problem is the lifecycle of the viewpager, how can I solve this problem?


The problem is that when i press the button, a method called on the
fragment (the search method) is call, but when the listview is redrawn,
viewPager() is NULL.

Since the viewpager is initialized at the instance level of MainActivity, it is not an activity. Its a separate object.
Therefore, when you getViewPager(),its null.
Find a workaround, if possible. But as far as I know, viewPager doesn’t have a method, ‘getCurrentItem()’.

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