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Elden Ring Game is a new fantasy action RPG developed by Voltron Corporation that combines the adventurously rich fantasy world of the main game with the online element. In Elden Ring Game, you will be able to delve into a vast world full of excitement, create your own character, and battle against other heroes.
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Features Key:

  • Action RPG: Dive into an action-adventure story in which your decisions affect the character and the world around you.

  • Significantly Expand the Worlds of OP/TP: The Lands Between is an action RPG that will fully immerse you in its story and in its world and smoothly let you continue the story without interruption.

    Even after you complete the story, the plots and adventures available in the story continue. The entire country of Elric has been dynamically expanded.

  • Deep and Detailed Storyline: What awaits you in the lands between will amaze you. Watch events unfold in the world of Elden Ring, an adventure which will captivate you.

    Game Features
    Main Storyline: The story begins with an opening sequence where you select your first character. Then, you can freely choose your path. Keep your own story and the path you ultimately choose by executing events and selecting items, as well as by obtaining NPCs
    Observe events
    • Items and NPCs appear in front of you as your stories unfold. Stay in the background to obtain the items you want and develop your character.
    • You get handsome rewards in the form of experience points and obtained items when you obtains NPCs and Items and chooses stories and behaviors.
    Shop: The shop serves as a place where you can exchange items for money. You can also develop and acquire items to enhance your level.

    Observe stories
    • Incursions of Evil or Good
    Good and Evil will attempt to sway you towards your option. You can decide for yourself which of the two to follow, and even suppress one of the two or negate the result of an Incursion.
    • Character Build and Development
    Live events, such as monster incursions, constantly challenge you to make decision on your development. You will develop new skills or customize existing ones to raise your level.

    World Map
    • This game lets you become a lord in the Lands Between in “The Lands Between”, a world where the map and the towns change depending on your actions and history.
    • Graphic Design
    • An artist, Nobunaga Yaguchi, has created a vast and detailed world.
    • Features one of the most surprising dungeons to date.
    • Get a sense of achievement at every turn and items you have successfully acquired


    Elden Ring Free (Latest)

    Story [17]

    The story of the game is set in the Lands Between, where the nightmarish and dark power of the Elden Ring “dawns” and begins to change the Lands Between. In order to prevent this, you must rise up and become a powerful Elden Lord and wield the dark powers of the Elden Ring in battle.

    System [18]

    Embody various weapons, armor, and magic.
    Customize your character’s appearance.
    Freely combine weapons, armor, and magic.

    Solo Play:

    Take on the role of a powerful Elden Lord.
    Slash through hordes of monsters.
    Develop your character’s strength and magic.

    Online Play:

    Assemble your party, and talk to other players online.
    Take on other players’ parts and battle it out!

    Equipment [19]

    Enjoy a vast variety of weapons, armor, and magic.
    Select your favorite weapon, armor, and magic.

    Characters [20]

    Play as one of five different classes: Swordsman, Warrior, Sorcerer, Lancer, and Archer.
    Customize your character’s appearance to make it your own.

    Development [21]

    Unleash your strength and summon up the power of the Elden Ring.
    Be guided by grace, and live with the power of the Elden Ring in your heart.

    Battle [22]

    Assemble a party and battle against hordes of monsters.
    Take on roles as a solo adventurer or online party member.

    Battle AI [23]

    Crafted by the world’s best AI engineers, directly responding to what you do.

    Battle Performance [24]

    Crafted by the world’s top game engine engineers, so that your battle performance is a guaranteed victory.

    Visual [25]

    Use visual feedback to make you aware of enemy movements.
    High-quality graphics that put enemies and items at your fingertips.
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    12 commands/salutations

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    □ RPG! Mini-games/enjoyment

    GAMEPLAY Mini-games

    (1) The Rantar Game – Unlocked by playing all of the quests/mini-games (optional)
    (2) The Day After Game – Unlocked by becoming the strongest party in the world (required)
    (3) Gods, a Hero, and Your Friends! Game – Unlocked by saving and upgrading the church tower (optional)

    Game Contents

    Story Dungeon ♥

    ♥ Playable Character Missions

    Tag (Hiro/Rin/Rem/Ori/Yuzu/Kumo/Akuma/Hayabusa/Ryuuga)

    Final Fantasy XIV Task Force is the main mode of operation in the game. It is a quest-based action RPG, with the main story campaign in the east, and the main game in the west. Up to three players of a party of four are able to enter the account together. Actions cannot be taken by one character while another is saved.

    Code: [Event “Main Story”] Your party have entered a time limit. The [Code] dialog can be obtained by completing the main story quest. Your party has to fight the monster Gorgolida. After overcoming her, the [End] dialog will be displayed. The range of the teleport stone has ended, and the lord of a different world enters the world. Since the boss was defeated in a time limit, you cannot go back to the main story. This is the main story! The [End] dialog will appear. Your party enters a secret path. Everyone can enjoy the special limited Summon event with the monsters Akuma, Hayabusa, Hiro, and Shirou. Characters in the same party will be able to battle together while enjoying a special Summon event. The [End] dialog will appear.

    Graphics: Yoshida provided the staff of the battle view for the main story. (Links)
    The battle view of the main story provides a panoramic field of view, and a battle area that is divided into three segments.

    (1) First-person view of the battle area:

    The first-person view when locked.

    Three segments:

    (2) The camera can also be displayed during an event, such as play style.

    (3) The camera angle can also be adjusted for the


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Already got a Western Thunder account on PS4? Full access to the WEB edition is available to existing Western Thunder users.
    Discover the Lands Between and explore the creations of the most iconic fantasy creators together.
    Since May, the “New Fantasy Action RPG Special” (Free) is also available for Western Thunder users.
    Thank you for your continued support!


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