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This game is developed by Ace Of Sambia, Inc., a video game development company based in Japan. It has more than 25 years of experience in the development of video games. Our creative team is comprised of developers with a wide variety of experience; many of our staff have more than 15 years of experience working at such companies as Square Enix.

We believe this is the first time we’ve made a fantasy role-playing game with an epic narrative. Our approach was influenced by games such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy X, and Dragon Quest, but this time we decided to tell the story of the evolution of the living world and the characters from a new angle. The game is inspired by the history of the Sword of Atzrad and the Elden Ring and focuses on the fortunes of the characters who stepped into the Lands Between and rose to power.

We will continue to evolve and add new features to the game as we progress. We hope that you will continue to join us on our journey and will keep exploring the Lands Between with us!


We would like to thank you for playing our game!

We hope you enjoyed the alpha version of the game, and we look forward to your opinions on our further developments in the future.


If you have any questions, please let us know.

If you have any inquiries about the New Fantasy ACTION RPG, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • RPG
  • Beautiful World Design
  • Unique Interface
  • Mutating Knights
  • Adventure with Weird Art
  • Freely Combine Weapons, Armor, and Magic
  • Wonderful Fantasy World
  • Replayable Game Modes
  • Define Your Own Play Style
  • Intuitive UI
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    The complete story will be told only on PC. That said, we do expect the possibility of at least cross-platform support in the future for platforms like Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

    *All items include a random, sealed copy of the posters from the back. The first 10 will receive a signed, numbered 12×18 poster card featuring Josh.

    The develop of Tarnished Realms marks a turning point for A2 in that it is our first title on the PC. We have become enthused and excited by the PC platform. An available, multiplayer mode helps make our vision of a fantasy action RPG a reality. A unique Bloodborne inspired combat system with multiple weapons and bindable and unbindable armor makes for an exciting gameplay experience. It is important to look at the PC as a platform where gamers can take innovative approaches to gaming, that, in the end, are able to expand as the industry changes. Thus, in addition to our signed, numbered poster cards, we will ship your game a uniquely designed copy of our official soundtrack by indie rock powerhouse Y.N.S.P. (pronounced “Your


    Elden Ring Incl Product Key Free Download

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    King’s Game Kingdom. Great

    New and experienced player in

    role-playing games often to buy fantasy games is following. For the new fantasy game Kingdom “Lord Of The Rings”. It offers a lot of content, graphics, music, interfaces, etc. Kingdom of the Lords of the Ring I was impressed by the content of the game, and especially by how much I liked the interface. It was surprisingly pleasant to use and intuitive. The animations, especially the opening sequence was quite impressive. Because I love fantasy games with such a lot of content, I was unfortunately a bit disappointed. For the story, there are still some major flaws. In order to get to the basic gameplay and to continue to the actual gameplay, King’s Game Kingdom has several game “connections”, which are important links on the way to the story. When I was starting the game, I was transported to the realm of Middle-earth and it was very interesting. Gameplay-wise, you have the option to both play alone, to join a party with other players, to play with a group, or to play online. I played the game alone and it is clear that is fun. I am used to the interface of Kingdom of the Lord of the Rings, so I do not have any strong feelings about it, but it still seems to be quite generous. If you have no clue about what a role-playing game looks like, there is a tutorial during the game to guide you through the basics, but if you have any experience with this type of game, you might have gone through it during the course of the game Kingdom of the Lord of the Rings without it being a big burden. During the tutorial, you can practice on each character, but you can also play the game without a tutorial. Overall, it is a great fantasy game, especially for role-playing games. It is going to be difficult to find something wrong with this game, since everything was nice. Kingdom of the Lords of the Ring is going to be the next major game in the series, and many fans of fantasy games are waiting to see what King’s Game Kingdom will show us.

    ■ Information

    ► Trait: A host in a game Kingdom of the Lords of the Ring the main character is THEAM, role-playing game Kingdom of the Lords of the Ring is the latest


    Elden Ring [Latest-2022]

    * The game is compatible with the Android phone. (7.0 and up)
    * You can change the size of the displays and rotation if you install the Android phone in landscape and portrait modes. (4096 X 2160, 23.6˚ 16:9)
    * The game will be optimized for devices with a screen aspect ratio of 16:9.
    * The game does not support the Vita TV system.
    * This app is only available for customers in Japan.
    Gameplay HISTORY:

    Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG for Android mobile phone and tablets, developed by Armature Studio. At the start of your adventure, a strange light falls into the world, drawn into the Lands Between from the plane of existence. The Light was strong and at the same time as though blind, it shed light on the bizarre world of the Land Between. A boy who was on his quest for an artifact happened to be caught by the light, and now he wakes up in a different world, a world where magic is in use. The Elden Ring of the Arcane belongs to him, but it is said to have been sealed since the dawn of time. A maiden, Tarnished, was also dragged into the Land Between. She had lost everything, including her life. Yet, the light that day by day encircled her, wove together her broken fragments of a heart. And from the crack in her heart, she seems to have gained the power to reach the Elden Ring from a faraway place.

    Romance of a new world

    At the start of the game, the boy, the girl, and their companions meet in the Land Between for the first time. A dangerous adventure awaits them, and they are to conquer the vile traitor Orochi, an ancient enemy that is bigger than them. Together with their allies in the game, they must protect the world, and gradually they will confront the world of the Elden Ring. Elden Ring has a rich story, and the characters in the story have the potential to be fully expressed. By the power of the game, I would like to create a world where people are born with a hope, and their characters live with a sense of goal. I would like to write an epic drama that will bring you an unforgettable experience.

    The story revolves around two protagonists, the boy who has nothing but his weapons, and the girl who cannot find anything but hope in the world. Their story is


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Seasonally Exciting Events
    Featuring unique events only for the Untamed, such as the Arena for the Ultimate Fight, and Tournaments for the Seven Great Arena Challenges. In the Skies, partake in activities such as the Flying Cataclysm, Heigan’s Dawntime Rescue, and Hamster Shovel of Doom.
    Begin the Division
    The Aranel, the prestigious order of warriors which everyone wishes to join, will open the path of the Ludus, the high-stakes league which is divided into different classes. The path you choose will set off a chain of events that will lead you to your destiny.
    • Create Your Own Division
    Choose the class of warrior you will be among twenty different divisions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. On Your Own Path
    The main division has been divided into 60 chapters, each representing a narrow range of classes.
    • The Union – Fight the Enemy
    You can freely switch your position within the strict framework of the rules of the Aranel. Tread the Path of Ability
    Take the path of self-development to raise your strength. There, where tyrants and lamenting spell casters live, you shall direct your kin to the road of serenity. There, you shall mature and guide them to the great way.
    Traversing the Great Wilderness
    Under the command of Daniel Appale, the newly appointed lord of the Endless Lands and Count Halluin, you shall be defeated by Count Halluin and his ruthless army in the Great Wilderness.
    • Modern-Day Engaging Battles
    Fight fierce battles against powerful forces in the expansive landscape, as well as against one another in multiplayer.
    The Official Expansion of TARNISHED!
    Nova, a remnant from the long-vanished World Below, and the Seven Lights which have been awakened all appear in this official expansion.
    • Your Enemies Shall Meet Your End
    In this official expansion, you can challenge powerful enemies along with the enemy of old, Nova.
    The Scourge of the Abyss
    Seven lights are the only way to resist the death of Nova.
    • Become the Twelve Elden Lords
    Defeat Nova and her monsters. Raise your power and the land. Defeat the Seven Lights and use your power and abilities to destroy the evil that corrupts the world.
    • This Official Expansion Features These Items!
    Collect this official expansion and be able to purchase new items.


    Free Download Elden Ring

    1.Install and Run Keygen
    2.Follow the instructions
    3.Enjoy the game

    Edna Lofts is a scrawny, rumpled redhead who dreams of being a dancer. She knows no other life, and her restless wanderings are blessed with a series of good-luck encounters that save her from debt and impoverishment.

    The great magician and warlock Kerbo Ravenpaw has his eye on her. He wants to discover her mysterious true identity, which is the reason he has secretly sent her into the dangerous ruins of the Elden Ring, where dangerous outsiders lurk. The only hope that she has is the rare sapphire-studded pendant he has hidden away in an enchanted crystal, the scepter of Rahu.
    In the ruins, Edna encounters some “dangerous outsiders,” but the magic of the pendant brings her back from the brink of death. With its aid, she finds a strange maze of tunnels surrounded by murky water, and she knows that it is her destiny to solve the riddle. However, the tunnels move before her, and she finds herself lost. Soon, Edna is caught in a series of “dangerous encounters” that are pushing her to her limits. But with the help of some friends she has made along the way, she learns that she has more power than she ever imagined, and that the hidden forces surrounding her have an agenda of their own.
    How to install and play:

    1.Install and Run Keygen
    2.Follow the instructions
    3.Enjoy the game
    Note:UPDATED with the NEW action RPG release. (NON-ROCK)

    ★★☆UPDATE: 17 Feb, 2012


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Open the setup from the downloaded folder by double clicking the setup (“.exe”), or check the file before installing
  • Run the game
  • The installation process will finished, simply start the game
  • Features:

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