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“The eyes of a tattered man. The soul of an elder.”

Having learned from many journeys in the Lands Between, the youth of Tarn’s all-powerful guild, the “Elden Ring,” have gone in search of a legendary weapon called the Elden Ring. The ring is the weapon of the legendary Elden Lord, a legendary golden ring that can grant weapons and magic power to whoever possesses it.
Using the ring’s power, the Elden Ring seeks the ultimate weaponry and magic. As the young guild master, you are charged with taking the weapon to the Elderly One, who dwells in the Shaded Quarters of the Lands Between.


The Elden Ring is composed of two types of abilities: weapons and magic.
Characteristics are calculated using each card’s type of ability, represented by the “Ring” that appears on it. The type of ability is indicated by a different color on the card (colored band).

Each card type has various characteristic levels and a unique attribute. For example, the “Weapon Card” class has an attack value of B, and “Magic Card” class has an attack value of A+B.

Since a level can be raised by consuming the cards and leveling up, being fully equipped with weapons or magic makes a huge difference in battle.

The “Trait Card” of “Heroes” has a level of B+, which is equivalent to having a “Magic Card” with level B+. This is a card with tremendous potential.


As you level up, your card level will increase. You can level up by either enhancing the cards you already have or buying new cards, as well as by consuming the remnants of other cards and leveling up.

You can expand your attributes by enhancing your cards. Some cards have the ability to possess special attributes that can be upgraded through enhancing.

The higher the card level, the greater the attribute it possesses, and the more its potential increases. There is a strong sense of satisfaction in leveling up to a higher level.


Using cards in your hand you can collect and use the icons that appear in front of enemies. The icon that is collected first will attack.



Features Key:

  • Characters: 7 playable characters with an abundance of cool moves and enjoy new backstory comic sequences that give each of them their own personality and the ability to look at what is going on behind the scenes, as well as different battle lines on the battlefield.
    With the single setting, there are a large number of different factions. Choose from a large number of housing and unit, class and skill combinations to form your own team.
    Clever damage-dealing tactics and good support function. All the skills can be upgraded.
    Prepare by fusing domains in the normal Special Ability section on your character.
    Prepare by fusing styles in the Normal Style lineup to create a new style to execute a special finisher.
    Equip all your items to enact a strategic move and prepare for tactical combat.
    A large number of skills designed for obliterating all strategic moves. New moves are added.
    Friendly communication allows communication with other players by voice, instant messaging, and motion picture mode. You can form two-character alliances.
    You not only fight, but also perform a variety of combos and agility moves in the combo screen. You can use various light and heavy attacks to obliterate your opponents.
  • NEW MAP:
    Backtrack to the Tranquil Woods, where you can enjoy a calming atmosphere in peaceful dungeons.
    Receive one of four different attack commands that allow you to choose a final move. The commands are on the trigger and not displayed on the screen. It is ideal for timed tactics.
    Fight in a way that enhances a character’s weakness and stops their attacks by holding their life points down.
    A variety of tactics can be used including movement and attacks, three square movement for a newly discovered move, and three triangle movement for a move that


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    Elden Ring Full Version PC/Windows [Latest]

    ▼​WHAT’S NEW

    • Playable Party Characters
    ▼ New Servant Characters
    – Eudora, a witch who is skilled at the art of summoning –
    – Gina, a bunny girl who roams the forest as a hired golem –
    – Zina, a childhood friend who is a giant red dragon –
    ▼ New Servants – the magical princesses who reside in the Fallen Land.
    – Cousa, a dark-skinned, friendly child with a mischievous smile –
    – Mera, a slim, dark-skinned, friendly child with a fainter smile –
    ▼ All new Servant Traits and Magic Enhancements
    The fallen princesses’ magical powers have been enhanced, allowing you to use their expanded skills.
    ▼ Operation Boss
    ▼ Dynamic Battle Enhancer
    ▼ Variable Location Abilities
    ▼ Reinvigoration
    ▼ New Magic for Elden Lords
    In addition to the Servant Characters and the new battle skill mechanics, there is now a powerful weapon that can only be unlocked with the power of the Elden Ring!
    ▼ New Death Attack
    Since the fall of the Elden Ring, the undead now have access to their full arsenal of death attacks. If you keep your pride, it is possible to succeed in defeating these powerful enemies without dying.
    ▼ New Magic for Damage+ & Invigoration
    ▼ New Additional Skills for Elden Lords
    – Be able to use multiple Elden Lords on the battlefield in a single game!
    – Be able to use a wide variety of Elden Lords for a single game!
    ▼ New Item Material
    ▼ New Armor Materials
    ▼ New Items
    ▼ Be able to freely upgrade your armor, weapons, and accessories.
    We hope that everyone will enjoy this new gameplay update!
    We’re looking forward to your kind comments!

    *If you are experiencing issues while playing the game due to a problem with your device, such as a glitch or low battery, please contact our Customer Support Services team via e-mail.

    *Help us to improve the game by writing a review after you have finished the game.*


    – As a player, you will be required to create a Servant character in advance before starting the game.
    – Each of the Servant Characters has its own story, which will be explained to you while you play the game.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    [Map of the World]

    [Home of the Empires]

    The Lands Between: Modern Era
    – The Golden Age of Royal Fristdom
    Depending on the empire, we find a variety of magic, myths, technology, and customs.
    – Europe
    – India
    – China
    – Africa
    – Asia
    – Americas
    – United Kingdom
    – Greece
    – Turkey
    – Portugal
    – Britain
    – Ireland
    – Japan
    – Korea
    – Russia
    – The United States
    – Ancient America: Isla and Cahamba
    A land in which the illumination of a unique blue light spreads. A kingdom ruled by a mysterious hermaphrodite, who is known as the Elden Lord. An Eden with many precious items. An island that is the world’s most secret place.

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    From the creators of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger comes an epic fantasy masterpiece; A Tale of Three Empires: The Tolne Empire, the Orc Empire, and the Magical Faery Tale Land of Fernia.
    “It’s definitely a game that is worth playing.”~EGM Magazine
    “If I’ve learned anything from this game, it’s that if you want to try something new and different, you should play The Old Kingdom.”~NEXT MAGAZINE
    “So far, The Old Kingdom has impressed me as a well-made, memorable experience with a solid reputation among gamers.”~Steve “Jaws” Hannigan
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    [Fairy Tale Armor]

    [Armors and Accessories]

    [Godly Armors]

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    [Hero of the Ages]

    Pancturna is very much like


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    Cracked by UniqueDude

    25th Sep 2013, 11:40 AM




    Now im happy that somebody get to play my boring game.

    Just one thing. Can you fix the lack of music? It’s really annoying for the very very small time when you are fighting or you try to run away with a certain weapon.


    25th Sep 2013, 10:13 PM

    Sooooo, does anyone else get a voice in the background telling them to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE???

    My god I love this game


    26th Sep 2013, 3:11 AM

    I really love ELDEN RING now! It’s my favorite RPG game. I use to play Final Fantasy: Unlimited and after that one time I played ELDEN RING ( I think) I felt like Final Fantasy: Unlimited was a bit boring and I really want to play another RPG and ELDEN RING is the best and most fun one I ever played! I almost can’t wait to play the other ELDEN RING DLC so I can make my character better and make him more powerful! I almost forgot: you can marry Materia with other Materia to make it a better one and Materia can give stat bonus if you marry them together!


    26th Sep 2013, 8:38 AM

    Oh, that’s nice to hear! 😀


    26th Sep 2013, 3:00 PM

    This game is amazing.


    26th Sep 2013, 10:51 AM

    Awesome. 😀

    Check out the link I posted earlier in the forum. It’s a video I made of gameplay with the English translation, and it’s pretty long.


    26th Sep 2013, 3:28 PM

    Hmmm. The only thing that I don’t like is that it would be cool if the duel could be more done in


    How To Crack:

  • How To Install???:
    Un-zip a file at your desktop named “” and find out the “elden.ini” file inside it.
    Double click on it to open it in Notepad or any other text editor
    Add the line “"Street Stories"= True” before the last set of three curly brackets in the above code.
    You may also add “"Sitemap.xml"= %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %z"” to the second line of the file “settings.txt” and add “"osu.dll" =” after the “"osu.dll"” line.
    Add “"Ice (i.e. “stdin” volume)”= True” into the “first.patch” line.
    Close notepad once done and double click on the “\elden_ring.exe” file to run it.
    You should see the street stories effect and the osu logo.
    Leave it to run for a little and go on.

    NOTE: You CAN install for any OS I have tested it except Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 etc (but some thing is working).

  • How To Crack
    If you have tried to crack the file for too long or if your name doesn’t match the one called “Elden Ring” you should rename it to “elden_ring.cracked” and then in a second look step crack it again from the original directory.

    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP2 (with DirectX9 or DirectX 10 installed)
    1.6 GHz PC CPU
    4 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVidia Geforce 7600 GS or ATI HD4850
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Sound: DirectX Compatible sound card
    Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, or compatible
    Xbox 360
    Xbox 360 system requirements are quite low. The Xbox 360 is a powerful gaming console and I wouldn’t recommend anything below that


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