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As you can see, the code is extracted from the filename of the torrent file. The data can be encoded into different characters, you will need to change accordingly.
The encoded data is not limited to 3 characters, it can go on up to 50 characters. So you will need to learn regex. Here is my idea on how to deal with it:

Download the content of the torrent file
Go to the website of the torrent
Extract the data from it
Modify the 4 positions in each row
Write back the modified data back into the file

It is quite complicated so I need some help to do the following:

Download the content of the torrent file
Download the torrent file
Go to the website of the torrent
Extract the data from it
Modify the 4 positions in each row
Write back the modified data back into the file

I have this script in Python 2.7:
import urllib2
import re

r = urllib2.urlopen(”)
soup = BeautifulSoup(
url_link = soup.find_all(‘a’, {‘class’: ‘torrenturl’})
# for url in soup.find_all(‘a’, {‘class’: ‘torrenturl’}):
#url = html.unescape(url[0].string)
#output_file.write(‘Downloading: ‘+url +’
#print(“Downloading: ” + url)
#if url.startswith(‘magnet:’):
#elif‘magnet:.*v?([1-5][0-9]{,2}).*’, url):
#elif‘magnet:.*?v?(1\d{1,2}[.]\d{1,2}[.]\d{1,2}[.]\d{1,2}[.][0-9]{1,4}).*’, url):

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