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Pointdev Ideal Administration 2008 V8.45 Free Download

Home User menu The first version of Pointdev IDEAL Administration 2008 was released in 2007 and aims to bridge the gap between the traditional LAN-based DB2 administration solution and the Internet and Intranet-based solutions such as that of MySQL and Oracle. In this way Pointdev IDEAL Administration 2008 implements the concept of client-server model, an important IBM initiative to offer users and management application software that is easily extendable and manageable. Pointdev IDEAL Administration 2008 implements the concept of client server DB2 administration to be closer to Oracle and MySQL and provides flexible administration from within clients or directly via a browser. Pointdev IDEAL Administration 2008 is a standalone product which can administer the entire DB2 environment running on the clients from the point where the client is connected to the network. Pointdev IDEAL Administration 2008 implements concepts such as single login, multiple connections, upgrades and usage of the new iConnect v 2.5 remote administration technology. This version contains a number of improvements to the administration and management tool over the previous version. It is available in all the client platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms. This helps to provide a single and consistent administration solution to the system administrators across the globe. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) of Pointdev IDEAL Administration 2008 is based on Microsoft Windows and provides a first rate user interface for DB2 administrators to access the database environment which helps to minimize the time to learn the tool. More GUI features such as drag and drop function, a tool-bar in each window, resizing function, hot keys and monitoring / log files are included with the GUI. Also, the menus and options are customized and personalized to suit the needs of the users. Pointdev IDEAL Administration 2008 supports a multiple connection configuration with back-up of the log files in case any of the administrator’s connection gets disconnected. Also the database log is closed when the client terminates. These are very important features to administer database in production environments. Features Pointdev IDEAL Administration 2008 comes with a lot of features that include: This version has a new log file viewer which displays the logs based on the date, time, SQL statement and the tables with the user information in a very user friendly manner. The “Tools” tab in the administration toolbar contains all the functions of the tool that are used by the administrators including logging and monitoring of all the components of the DB2 environment

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