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Homological hyperplane section theorem

Let $X$ be a projective variety and let $L\subset X$ be an ample line bundle. We have the blowup $\mu: \widetilde{X} \rightarrow X$ of $X$ with center $P\in X$.
Can one prove the following:
(1) There exists a polarized line bundle $D\in |L|$ such that $D|_L: L\rightarrow \mathbb{P}^1$ is an isomorphism.
(2) For any $H\in |mL|$ with $m>0$ we have $E:= \mu^*H \otimes D^{ -1}\in |L|$ i.e. $E$ is a polarized line bundle.
In the special case that $X$ is smooth we also have for any $D\in |L|$: $H^0(X,D)\simeq H^0(L,L)$, hence we find an injective map $\phi: H^0(X,L) \hookrightarrow \Gamma(X,\mu^*L)$. Now the second assertion implies $(\mu^*L)^m\simeq \mathcal{O}_X$ for $m>0$ because $K_X=mL$. So we know that $|mL|$ is base point free.


I do not know if this is optimal and in this answer only the first assertion is addressed.
Assertion 1: for any $H$ one can find a $D \in |L|$ such that $D|_L \to \mathbb P^1$ is an isomorphism (or even a diffeomorphism).

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Scalia’s Legacy

In the recent presidential election, I believe that Justice Scalia, in association with the other justices, was partly responsible for the outcome. The court decided to issue only a few, narrow, limited opinions, and in doing so, it helped the Republicans win.

The reason is that the four leftist justices were joined by five conservatives — Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, Roberts, Alito — in this decision. Together they produced a six-to-two result favoring the administration. (The three liberals dissented.) However, the conservatives could have produced a more sweeping, stronger ruling, if they had been willing to go further. Why did they not take that opportunity? Some conservatives, like former Justice John Paul Stevens, argued that, having already gone as far as they could, they should have moved to uphold the President’s actions as within his legitimate powers.

The question is: what would have been the impact of such a comprehensive ruling?

My guess is that Republicans would have liked the stronger ruling. But it would have been seen as anti-Bush. If the result had been, say, a 5-3 ruling in favor of the President, it would have been seen as a positive vote for the president. Instead, the six-to-two result in support of the President’s executive action was seen as a mixed message. It sent a strong, but not overwhelming, message of support for the president. Moreover, it could have had a very strong effect with the public.

Ultimately, it was this mist-message on the part of the conservatives that helped to put the opposition party in charge of the House.

Think about it: while the far right hates the idea of immigrants, they want to “respect” them. “I want to get the bad ones!” they say. If Republicans were not able to vote for amnesty for illegal immigrants, it would have to be available to the bad

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